‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 85 Preview Analysis: Buu’s Slim Form And Jiren Hype

The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 teases a lot of interesting events that would transpire in this coming Sunday’s episode. The hit anime series has so far been building up its plot since the Universe Survival Arc began last February. Now, with the grand battle among the DB multiverse set to begin in a few weeks, Dragon Ball Super is ensuring that the pieces are in place for the most epic tournament the franchise has ever attempted since its debut more than 30 years ago.

The teaser for DBS Episode 85 has been released for some time now, but the preview that was aired at the end of Episode 84 featured a number of notable surprises. The official preview for the episode, published in Japanese manga/anime-themed magazine Weekly Shonen Jump and translated by noted Dragon Ball Super fan-translator Todd Blankenship, described the main plot points of the next episode.


“Before the tournament begins, the ‘gods’ sound each other out?! The Kaioshins of each universe gather before the Tournament of Power! Although some suggest requesting the Omni-King to reconsider, opinions differ and they are unable to form a plan… Meanwhile, all the Gods of Destruction besides Beerus gather too, and hatch a scheme targeting Goku’s home, Universe 7?!”

“Take down Goku?! The Kaioshins and Gods of Destruction for each universe gather!! Gohan goes to recruit Piccolo!Gohan visits his martial arts master Piccolo to ask him to enter the Tournament of Power!”

“Buu This Week: sparring with Goku?! Buu can’t wait for the main event! His body has really shaped up as a result of his special training. He battles Goku in order to test out his current power, but?!”

The fact that the gods of the other DB universes would conspire against Universe 7 is no surprise for fans of the anime series. Considering the fact that the Tournament of Power, which would most likely result in genocide across multiple worlds, was triggered by Goku’s insistence to fight the strongest beings in the universe, there is ample reason for the Kaioshins and Gods of Destruction to pin the blame on Universe 7.


Buu’s appearance in the next episode has also been previously teased, and it has managed to get numerous DBS fans extremely excited. After all, a slimmer, leaner Buu is something that has not been seen in a Dragon Ball anime since the character debuted in Dragon Ball Z all those years ago. If any, expectations are high that Buu and Goku’s sparring session this coming Sunday would be as exciting, if not more intense and satisfying, than Krillin and Gohan’s brief fight in Dragon Ball Super Episode 84.

If there is one thing that has really caught the attention of DBS fans, however, it would be the brief scenes in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 teaser that showed Universe 11’s fighters training. A number of interesting shots were featured, including the Pride Trooper from Beerus’ race and Toppo seemingly taking their training seriously. At the end of the teaser, however, fans were able to get a glimpse of Jiren, the strongest member of the Pride Troopers and Goku’s speculated rival for the Tournament of Power. Needless to say, the character seemed to be well worth the hype.

The Tournament of Power would feature simultaneous battles from 80 fighters across eight participating DB universes. With their respective universe’s survival literally at stake, all 80 participants in the grand battle royale would definitely fight to win and dominate. So far, only a few of the fighters from other universes have been officially introduced. Nevertheless, what has been teased so far has managed to excite new and longtime fans of the series alike. With fighters such as the first female Super Saiyan, a member of Beerus’ race and overpowered fighters such as Jiren, the Universe Survival Arc might very well be the best Dragon Ball Super saga yet.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]