WWE News: WWE Officials Arrive At Hardy Boyz Party Near ‘WrestleMania 33’

Another clue to a Hardy Boyz return at WrestleMania 33 just happened on Sunday, and it may be the biggest one yet. Last night at Ring of Honor’s SuperCard of Honor XI, Matt and Jeff lost the tag team titles to the Young Bucks and everyone saw it as a sign they were heading back to WWE. On Sunday, the brothers were holding a tailgate party less than two miles from the site of Camping World Stadium and invited or uninvited, WWE officials were there.

Rumors have continuously flown around that the split of the Hardy Boyz from TNA Impact Wrestling meant they were heading back to WWE. While the brothers have indeed confirmed that they would like to go back one day, the company has said nothing official regarding the matter.

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[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

It is true that the Twitter accounts of both WWE and the WWE Network have made random references to the Hardys this past week and even made “broken” jokes, but still, nothing official. On Sunday, though, one of the biggest clues of all may have found its way on social media.

Wrestling Inc. pointed out that the Hardy Boyz are indeed holding a tailgate party today for fans and it is located less than two miles from Camping World Stadium — the site of WrestleMania 33. This event has been scheduled for a few months now, so, that isn’t anything new.

The interesting thing is that this same fan who posted the pic of him with the Hardys at the tailgate party also posted a video about an hour later. As he walked outside of the event location, there was a black Suburban parked along the sidewalk, and a familiar logo was in the window.

Yes, that is a sign that states “WWE Official Vehicle” and it is at the tailgate party which isn’t far from WrestleMania 33. It could very well be a simple explanation as the Hardys do still have a lot of friends in WWE and someone may have simply taken a car over there to greet their friends and see how they’re doing.

On the other hand, the Broken Tailgate Party is scheduled to go until 6 p.m. ET which just one hour before WrestleMania 33 is set to officially begin. The Kickoff Show will have already been going for a while, but one hour after the party is over, the main card is going to get started.

As reported by WrestleZone, after the Hardys lost the ROH Tag Team Titles to the Young Bucks last night, they appeared to be saying goodbye to the company. Jeff specifically stated that there was only one thing left for him and Matt to do, and that is to “fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete.”

One India is reporting that all of the rumors are pointing to the Hardy Boyz returning to WWE before too long, but it could be as soon as tonight. No-one is saying anything for certain, but it will be quite shocking if they don’t end up showing up on the WrestleMania 33 card in Orlando.

WrestleMania 33 is going to be a huge event where almost every single superstar on the WWE main roster, and some from the NXT roster, are going to have a match. The loss of the ROH Tag Team Titles and having a tailgate party right around the corner from Camping World Stadium adds so much fuel to the fire that the Hardy Boyz will be there too. If that vehicle really did belong to WWE officials, what else could their attendance at Broken Matt and Jeff’s party mean?

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