Apollo Nida Busted, Allegedly Committing Credit Card Fraud From Prison

Apollo Nida may be in prison but it looks like the former Real Housewives of Atlanta husband is reportedly proving that he hasn’t learned his lesson after all. Despite being in prison right now for his fraudulent auto loan scheme, Hollywood Street King reports that Apollo is right back at it with a prison credit card fraud scheme that might end up really costing him.

Lately, Apollo Nida has been making headlines for his ongoing divorce drama with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks. Just recently, Apollo was able to convince a judge to throw out her divorce filing due to a few issues that made the whole thing look pretty suspect.

Apollo also made waves with his new fiance Sherien Almufti. Apparently, tonight is the night that Sherien makes her big splash on RHOA when she shows up during taping, to the shock of pretty much the whole cast. Pretty much everyone who watches Real Housewives of Atlanta wants to see how Phaedra Parks reacts when Sherien shows up.

All of that pales in comparison to the new reports that Apollo Nida is still up to his old tricks even while behind bars. According to the report, Apollo has a cell phone in prison, and that alone is against the rules right? Last year, Apollo Nida made headlines when he got caught with a cell phone and was moved to higher security as a punishment.

Anyway, a fellow inmate of Apollo’s is reportedly claiming that the RHOA jailbird is using said cell phone to continue committing credit card fraud. That same inmate (whose name was not shared, by the way) claims that Apollo Nida is offering up $200 to the other prisoners in exchange for their credit card numbers. It wasn’t reported what he does with that information after he gets it or how he has $200 per inmate who takes him up on the scheme for that matter.

It wasn’t reported what he does with that information after he gets it or how he has $200 per inmate who takes him up on the scheme, for that matter. Apparently, Apollo could get in a lot of trouble and have more time added to his sentence for the alleged infraction. According to the unnamed inmate, getting busted for the credit card scheme while already behind bars could be punishable by adding 4 to 5 years to his current 8-year sentence.

While it seems like Apollo Nida should know better than to continue with the same scheme that got him locked up in the first place, it’s not like he hasn’t done it all before. His current prison situation isn’t even the first time that he’s done hard time. As a matter of fact, it’s not the first time that he’s done hard time for defrauding people. That’s why the brand new reports that Apollo is still plotting and scheming even while behind bars seems so plausible.

Now that Phaedra Parks’ divorce from Apollo Nida has been struck down, causing the former RHOA couple to start all over, maybe she should look into the allegations. After all, she’s looking to lose millions in their new divorce and Apollo wants joint custody of their two sons when he gets released. A few more years in prison will make her the main parent for much longer, and it would be reasonable payback for the whole divorce drama.

Then again, the credit card fraud allegations could just be the work of an angry inmate who wants to smear Apollo Nida. Considering that no one wants to give names when pointing fingers at Apollo, it’s probably safer to call the credit card fraud accusations a rumor at least until he officially gets busted.

Do you think Apollo Nida is really trying to pull off a credit card fraud scheme from prison? Sound off on the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta drama in the comments section below.

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