Jon Gosselin’s Stripping Debut Lacks Stripping, And Gosselin Explains Why

Jon Gosselin made his debut with an all-male revue in Atlantic City on Saturday night. Gosselin’s performance had been touted by the media as Jon making the venture into male stripping, but according to TMZ, Gosselin’s clothes never came off and Jon says they were never meant to.

In a video released on his Facebook, Gosselin discussed his performance at the male revue and called out the media for misrepresenting his participation by saying he would be stripping. While some might think Gosselin chickened out in sharing his dad bod with the world, Jon’s candid video actually made some poignant observations about the media and their tendency to sensationalize the truth.

Jon Gosselin leaves his clothes on for stripper debut.

“Stripping? Who said I was stripping?” Gosselin said in the video. “I’ll tell you who said I was stripping. Some of the media said I was going to take my clothes off based upon a flyer that said ‘debut’? April 1st? April Fools’ Day? Where did they get stripping?”

And Gosselin isn’t wrong. The official flyer of Jon’s participation never said he would be taking his clothes off. It simply stated where he would be and when. And when Gosselin first shared it, some wondered if it was merely an April Fools’ joke.

Still, the ridiculous possibility that Jon would be taking his clothes off had the media salivating. As cited in Huffington Post, Gosselin’s flyer said “No plans this weekend? Check out my debut!” It appears that the media made assumptions about Jon’s participation, and that meant Gosselin would be taking off his clothes.

In fact, Gosselin explained, the Untamed All Male Revue that he was taking part in isn’t a strip show at all but more of what Jon described as “burlesque.” While the term “burlesque” certainly conjures up visions of sexually provocative costumes, Gosselin didn’t really have that going for him either, however. Unless of course you consider a middle aged man in a grass skirt and Hawaiian shirt sexy. Jon also sported a secret agent suit and tie and a fireman’s costume, but if you were hoping for some Gosselin skin, the skirt was your best shot as it barely revealed some leg.

Jon Gosselin has been everything from a line cook to a DJ but Gosselin says he never outed himself as a stripper. [Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images.]

In all fairness, sometimes the media isn’t sure what to expect from Jon. Since Gosselin’s infamous cheating scandal while still married to the mother of his eight children, Kate Gosselin, Jon has re-invented himself in multiple careers. It’s no secret that Gosselin was fed up with filming Jon and Kate Plus Eight and constantly being under the scrutiny of the public eye through paparazzi lenses.

In this instance, it seems like Jon Gosselin was simply embracing the love/hate relationship he has had with the media all along. Gosselin went on to explain on his Facebook post why he let the media run away with the stripper story.

“I could donate a portion of the proceeds to my favorite charity — St. Jude’s. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital has always been near and dear to my heart. A couple of years ago we were able to visit, and it has always been my go to charity,” Gosselin said. “What started out as a great social experiment, turned out to be an incredible experience and I’m glad planet earth still cares about me.”

But if you were thinking that Jon Gosselin was solely doing the performance for the greater good of humanity, don’t get too excited. Gosselin also admits he participated in the all-male revue as a means of throwing himself a really great 40th birthday party.

Check out Jon Gosselin’s complete video below:

[Featured image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Wet Republic.]