April The Giraffe Live Cam Update: Animal Adventure Park Hopes For ‘Shake Up’

April the giraffe has fooled us all once again. While we all anxiously watched Animal Adventure Park’s live cam on YouTube after zoo owner Jordan Patch said that the calf would likely be born sometime between Friday and Saturday, we now find ourselves still tuned in on Sunday with not much more to talk about.

On Saturday night, Animal Adventure Park posted another update about April and her soon-to-be newborn. Mama giraffe is keeping all of us on our toes, that’s for sure.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for an April Fools baby! Though the evening is not over, April’s relaxed nature and lack of urgency has us guessing we will get through midnight before the calf joins us. April continues to ignore her grain, zones in and out of awareness, exhibits soft contraction indications, and is even producing manure size and consistency hinting of a birth — though we are not yet in what we will call ‘active labor.’ Our big girl is comfortable, confident, and continues to keep her composure — better than the rest of us!”

For those of us who fell asleep last night almost certain they’d wake up to missing April give birth to her fourth calf, she is still hanging in there. Although she is now showing all signs of pre-labor, she is not listed in active labor and has not given anyone a cause to panic. She’s just moving at her own pace, letting nature run its course. The folks at Animal Adventure Park are not concerned and believe that April is handling everything like a “pro.” This is her fourth calf, after all.

Today, April appears to be a bit more “normal” on camera. She has been hanging out near her mate, Oliver, and has even been eating — from his food pail and from her own. She seems to be in her own world, not really worried about the hundreds of thousands of people watching her and waiting to meet her calf. Meanwhile, the rest of us are going crazy.

4/1 – It’s officially April’s month! The vet has made his second visit of the day. When we thought she could not “bag up” further – she most certainly has. April is not touching her grain, but is accepting carrots. You may see her lifting each leg, pinning ears, dazing off, raising tail – those behaviors are what we want to see and expect to increase in frequency. We will continue to keep you posted. #aprilviewcrew #animaladventure #giraffewatch2017 #animaladventurepark #aprilthegiraffe

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On Sunday morning, Animal Adventure Park reported more of the same. April is almost there (for real this time), but she’s just not ready to turn the corner. When she does, however, it’s going to be really awesome to watch — especially for those who haven’t been able to peel themselves away from the live feed over the past several weeks.

“This morning, keepers report increased discharge, continued lack of interest in food, full udders. April also continues to be a bit out of character. We continue to watch and wait. Keepers feel they will be able to get the giraffes yard time today, as yard conditions have returned to safe and temperatures promise to climb from the 30s to 50s today. Perhaps that will ‘shake’ things up,” read the Sunday morning update.

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If we didn’t know any better, we’d think that April was waiting to give birth until 4/4. Think about it. Her name is April (the fourth month) and she’s expecting her fourth calf. When do you think Animal Adventure Park’s internet star will give birth? Let us know your best guess in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Animal Adventure Park/Instagram]