The Undertaker Passing The Torch To Roman Reigns At ‘WrestleMania 33’?

Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker is one of the most anticipated matches of WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida. There has been a lot of talk and a lot of speculation leading up to this match regarding what will likely go down.

Many fans see this match as the final nail in the Deadman’s coffin in terms of finally calling it quits for The Undertaker and the remarkable run he has had throughout his entire career. The Undertaker has one of the most iconic gimmicks in all of wrestling, and he has been a part of some of the richest and most dramatic storylines anywhere. But it’s not just the gimmick and the high-profile matches that have been the main draw. One of the most impressive aspects of all is the Deadman’s longevity.

All of that said, however, whether some fans like it or not, The Undertaker is nearing the end of his career, and this match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 could be the perfect opportunity for one of the most well respected and highly regarded wrestling icons to officially pass the torch to Roman Reigns.

Time is something that even the Deadman cannot outrun, and, at 52 years of age, there may just be enough gas left in the tank, and enough hellfire and brimstone to hear the bell toll one last time. A changing of the guard may be in order, and it may just be the perfect opportunity for Roman Reigns to officially begin his reign.

While there is likely to be opposition to this coming from those who boo Roman Reigns on a regular basis, the outcome of this match will ultimately dictate just how serious the WWE is about pushing Roman Reigns to the next level, and they may just be using The Undertaker to do it. If a true changing of the guard were to take place, it couldn’t be against just anyone. It would have to be a household name, a name that sells tickets and fills arena seats — and The Undertaker has been that name for more than two decades.

Roman Reigns being the one to put the final nail in the Deadman’s coffin makes sense if the intent is to officially elevate Roman Reigns to the status of official face of the WWE. Some may say that having an icon like The Undertaker go out like this would be an insult to an unrivaled career. That said, however, a match like this would never happen without the green light from Taker himself.

The Undertaker has earned his place in the upper echelon of wrestling greats — a distinction that he paid for with blood, sweat, and tears. Even if the WWE wanted to push Roman Reigns either way, the fact that The Undertaker signed off on the match says a lot.

As a counter argument, however, there’s no denying that Roman Reigns has been given every opportunity by the WWE to take his place as the heir apparent, and many would say that he has come up short at every turn. As the WWE’s prodigal son, Roman Reigns has essentially been handed everything on a silver platter. With that said, it can be argued that Roman Reigns beating The Undertaker in this fashion could turn fans against him even more, rendering a heel turn utterly useless.

If Roman Reigns does come out of this match victorious, it may just be the springboard he needs to take his seat at the head of his Roman Empire and officially stake his claim as the face of the next generation — whether fans like it or not.

Regardless of how one feels about Roman Reigns and the push that the WWE is making for him, there will also be a sense of nostalgia and sadness if this is to be the Deadman’s final match. Either way, though, if this changing of the guard does happen, it couldn’t happen on a bigger stage than WrestleMania 33.

[Featured Image by Lukas Schulze/Stringer/Getty Images]