Donald Trump Has Made A Habit Of Calling Chuck Todd ‘Sleepy Eyes’

Just how many times has President Donald Trump referred to NBC News political director Chuck Todd as “sleepy eyes?”

As Entertainment Weekly, reminds us, Donald Trump is a man with a habit of obsessing over a few choice phrases. The media outlet proceeds to refer to it as Trump’s phrase vault and mentions phrases such as “lock her up,” “fake news,” and “crooked Hillary,” which are three phrases the POTUS has said a fair amount of times.

Donald Trump saying thank you while giving a speech
Donald Trump [Image by Evan El-Amin/ShutterStock]

The phrase “sleepy eyes,” however, appears to be another phrase in Trump’s phrase vault. Entertainment Weekly notes that Donald Trump has made a habit of referring to NBC News political director Chuck Todd as sleepy eyes for roughly five years now.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump pulled his “sleepy eyes” phrase from his personal vault and attacked Chuck Todd for talking about what he claims is a fake story between Donald and Russia while sweeping the story about Obama’s surveillance scandal under the rug. The original tweet, which has been retweeted nearly 20,000 times and favorited almost 70,000 times, can be viewed below.

Donald Trump actually had so much to say about the media pushing “fake news” about the connection between him and Russia that he couldn’t fit it all in one tweet.

The attack of Chuck Todd as “sleepy eyes” started in October of 2012 when Donald Trump slammed the reporter for no traction. He then vowed to mention Chuck Todd any time the reporter unfairly mentioned Trump in a news story.

A year later, Donald Trump pulled out the “sleepy eyes” phrase again when he slammed Chuck Todd as having the “dumbest voice” in politics and claimed the reporter was simply angry with him.

Donald Trump slammed Todd a second time that day for looking at his finances claiming that the reporter should have congratulated him after he was done snooping around.

Trump didn’t have much to say about “sleepy eyes” in 2014, but in 2015 Donald claimed to have heard a rumor that Chuck Todd was going to be fired because he had “low ratings.” He then proceeded to call Chuck a “loser.”

A few days later, Trump took to Twitter to take a few more jabs at Chuck Todd. Referring to him as “sleepy eyes” in every single tweet.

A week later, Trump brought up the same topic in order to take another jab at “sleepy eyes” Chuck Todd.

Five months later, the POTUS brought up the same topic – again – and questioned what was taking so long regarding the decision to fire Chuck Todd.

A week later, Trump took another hit at Todd by comparing him to another news outlet and reporter claiming the other outlet was “much smarter” than Chuck and NBC News.

Between the years of 2012 and today, Donald Trump has taken a number of jabs at NBC reporter Chuck Todd referring to him as “sleepy eyes” every single time. Other instances of the attack can be seen below.

For those wondering what the NBC reporter thinks of being constantly attacked by Donald Trump, he does tend to make some sort of reply to the attacks. The only difference is he doesn’t usually attack back or even tag Trump in his posts. He just makes it clear that he is referring to something Trump had said.

On Saturday, Chuck Todd reassured everyone that he slept well even though he stayed up late. He also commented on the fact that he didn’t feel sleepy at all. His actual tweet can be seen below.

Why do you think Donald Trump calls Chuck Todd “sleepy eyes?” Do you think what Donald Trump is doing could be classified as bullying? Share your thoughts on Trump versus Todd with us in the comment’s section down below.

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