Undertaker Says Goodbye To His Wrestling Career After ‘WrestleMania 33’ Defeat

Once it became clear that the main event of WrestleMania would take place between The Undertaker and Roman Reigns, everybody knew something was of consequence after the match’s end. Somehow, an alert had already sprouted for most of The Undertaker’s fans, especially after it was revealed that the fight would be without disqualification.

The end of WrestleMania 33 indeed saddened all WWE fans. The Undertaker, after losing to Roman Reigns, said goodbye to everyone present at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. After Roman Reigns won his battle at WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker lay for several minutes on the canvas. Once the “Dead Man” was alone on the scene, he stood up and the lights dimmed.

The enduring future of WWE.

Against the legendary Dead Man.

With the public demonstrating non-stop throughout the fight against Reigns, the fight between both fighters was marked with an exchange of attacks with the intention of making clear that both fighters were on the same level. With every cheer for the Undertaker, every attack Reigns delivered Undertaker was booed. Both contestants did their best.

But every time Reigns attempted to prove that the WWE ring was his new yard, The Undertaker pulled off attacks like the Last Ride and Powerbomb to make it clear that that the ring has only one owner. From there, the Dead Man tried to use a chair, applying a brutal kick to Reigns’ head.

The Undertaker resisted his rival’s Superman Punch and responded by Chokeslamming him on a chair. The tables turned after the Dead Man locked his opponent for the deadly Tombstone Pile Driver, but Reigns managed to escape Undertaker’s finisher.

And then the time came, Reigns tried attacking The Undertaker with a spear. However, The Undertaker managed to catch Reigns and lock him with his ever-devastating lock hold called the Hell’s Gate in hopes that Reigns would surrender. But Roman proved otherwise, showing the Dead Man that he could withstand every attack.

Roman Reigns then unleashed a barrage of attacks with a chair, showing that he would do everything to win. Six in-line silos followed by a spear almost led Undertaker to concede defeat, but everyone knows the Dead Man doesn’t go down that easy. The Undertaker continued to resist from what now seemed an inevitable defeat for him.

A fourth attack and no, nothing seemed to bring down The Undertaker. People went crazy with excitement. Roman Reigns did not understand how the Dead Man could even resist. The audience chanted over and over again, “Under-taker, Under-taker, Under-taker.” But one more Superman Punch again made the gravedigger fall.

In this scenario, Roman Reigns executed a super-spear to reinforce that the Dead Man, who had been stubborn of defeat, falls for good this time. The inevitable happened, but Roman Reigns seemed to be tainted with a mark of villain after the match.

The second defeat in history for The Undertaker, which at the end did not leave anyone content with the battle result, did not stop the mesmerized and moved public to give a marvelously great ovation to The Undertaker as a tribute to his awesome legacy.

Once The Undertaker left his gloves, his trench coat and his hat in the ring, there was nothing left to doubt that this marked the end of the road for the legend. This is the end. Thank you, Taker, thank you for everything you delivered.

[Featured Image by JP Yim/Getty Images]