‘Prison Break’ Season 5: Everything You Need To Know About The Revival

Prison Break is headed back to television. The revival will officially return for Season 5 on Tuesday, April 4. Fans of the Fox series are very excited to see where this season will take them, as well as find out the story behind what their favorite characters have been doing in the years since the show ended its run.

According to TV Guide, there are a few things viewers need to know before watching the Prison Break revival on Tuesday. Season 5 will be very reminiscent of past seasons, but there will reportedly be a few twists and turns along the way. Perhaps the biggest shocker of them all is the fact that Michael Scofield is still alive.

That’s right, after mourning Michael’s death during the Prison Break series finale movie event, fans will now find out that Michael is, in fact, alive. Many viewers will remember that Michael “died” saving the love of his life, his wife Sara, by breaking her out of prison. However, fans never saw Michael’s body, nor were they let in on any of the details about Michael’s passing following the scene of his death, which we now know was faked. The report reveals that the circumstances behind Scofield’s fake death will be very important during the Season 5 revival. However, it may take a few episodes before viewers are let in on the what, where, when, why, and how of it all.

Another change fans can expect to see in the Prison Break revival is that Lincoln Burrows, Michael’s older, brawny brother will be the one breaking Michael Scofield out of prison. Michael, who has been the mastermind behind multiple prison breaks in the past, will now need his brother and his old prison buddies to help him escape the bars that are holding him in. However, that may be a difficult task due to the fact that Michael is being incarcerated in another country.

While Prison Break has seen Michael break out of a few American prisons, and of course the rough digs in Panama, Season 5 will be set in the war zone of the Middle East, namely in Yemen, where ISIS has started a civil war and the prisons are some of the worst any inmate has ever seen. Getting Michael Scofield out of prison will only be part of the story, as the gang will also have to escape the war torn country as well.

The site warns fans not to expect a ton of action in the premiere episode on Tuesday. The report reveals that much of the episode will be showing fans what the Fox River gang has been up to over the past seven years, and their reaction to learning that Michael is still alive. Speaking of the Fox River inmates, many of of them will be back in the revival.

In addition to brothers Michael and Lincoln, Michael’s wife Sara will also be back for the Prison Break revival, as well as T-Bag, C-Note, Sucre, and Agent Kellerman. Of course a new story and a new country will also call for new faces. Viewers will see some new inmates whom Michael has met in Yemen, as well as meet Sara’s new husband, who is sure to be in for a surprise when it’s revealed that Michael is still alive.

While it’s been revealed that Season 5 won’t have a cliffhanger ending, there is some early chatter about the possibility of the series returning yet again for Season 6 in the future. That is, if Fox warrants another return.

The latest chapter in the story unfolds when the Prison Break Season 5 revival premieres on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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