iZombie Season 3 Premiere Clip Reveals There Are No More Secrets Within Team Z

iZombie Season 3 premieres on April 4, getting fans all excited after a year of waiting. A new clip for the premiere episode, titled “Heaven Just Got A Little Smoother,” has just been released, giving fans clues on what to expect from the show.

It can be recalled that the previous season of iZombie ended with Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) knowing the truth about Liv’s (Rose McIver) zombie personality. The new iZombie Season 3 premiere clip shows that the show will pick up where it left off, with Major still wearing the riot gear he had from the previous season.

Team Z, composed of Liv, Clive, Major (Robert Buckley), Peyton (Aly Michalka), and Ravi (Rahul Kohli), will start anew and they have found a way on how to make their relationship work – by keeping everyone in the loop.

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In the clip, Major found out that Peyton and one of the series’ villains, Blaine (David Anders), were romantically involved. This is when Liv encourages everyone not to keep secrets from each other now that they, especially Clive, know about the existence of zombies.

Liv also initiated the secret sharing by telling everyone about her encounter with private military contractor Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage), who saved Liv, Clive, and Major from a horde of hungry zombies in iZombie Season 2. She explained that Stoll and her mercenaries are also zombies and even mentioned about singer Rob Thomas’ demise from last season. Liv also filled everyone in on Stoll’s plan of turning the entire city of Seattle into a “zombie homeland.”

The overall synopsis for iZombie Season 3’s premiere episode stated that Liv will soon discover that there are more of the undead living in the city than she initially thought. The zombie army that Vivian is controlling is preparing for that time when humans learn that the undead exists. Ironically, though, Major lands a job as part of the army.

McIver recently spoke to E! Online about what fans can expect from iZombie Season 3. According to the Australian actress, iZombie is going to be “more of a zombie show in some ways.”

“The zombie homeland sort of speaks to the fact that there are a lot more zombies in Seattle than Liv was aware of. It becomes more of a zombie show in some ways. Our zombies still aren’t exactly the zombies you’ve seen before, but there’s a lot more of us, and so the threat of how these two communities might or might not integrate is kind of what plays out over the season.”

Michalka added saying that Season 3 will finally pull the curtains down on the zombies, letting people know that there is such a thing as the undead. Michalka also confirmed that zombies would no longer be hidden and that humans vs. zombies would be inevitable.

iZombie Season 3 stars Rahul Kohli and Robert Buckley
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When iZombie returns with its premiere episode, Liv and Clive will start off with a murder investigation involving a family of zombies, which is believed to cause the zombie-human war. Ravi will also be reunited with his former boss from the Centers for Disease Control. This boss pops up in Seattle to look into the Max Rager massacre case.

The extended trailer for Season 3 also reveals a lot of hilarious and action-packed scenes, starting with Major on teenager brains to help solve a murder. The clip shows how Major couldn’t stop taking selfies as a side effect of eating the brain of a modern youngster. Also, in one scene, Liv, Clive, and Major were seen with Vivian, as they run from a building that’s about to blow up. This is assumed to be part of the premiere episode showing Vivian’s way of cleaning up the zombie mess in the Max Rager party.

Check out the iZombie Season 3 extended trailer below. The premiere episode drops on Tuesday, Apr. 4, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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