‘Fairy Tail’ Manga 529: Mystery Woman’s Identity And Pegasus’ Abilities Revealed

Chapter 529 of the immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail takes readers on an exciting ride on board the magical airborne chariot. With the fearsome black dragon Acnologia right on their tail, will dragon-slayer Wendy and her troupe be saved by the mystery woman who scoops them up right when the creature is about to destroy them?

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 528 spoilers/recap and Chapter 529 speculations ahead]

Chapter 528 of Fairy Tail manga revealed just how vicious and putrid Acnologia is after he desecrated the corpse of Eileen. He quickly recognized the dragon slayer ability in Wendy. Fortunately, right when Aconologia attacked the two girls, Jellal swooped in and protected them. He used multiple magic spells to counterattack Acnologia, including Heavenly Body Magic, Nine Thunder Stars, and Grand Chariot attack. However, not only did none of the spells had any effect on the dragon, Aconologia simply consumed the spells.

Acnologia confirmed that he is last of the dragons. He calls himself the “Dragon of Demise.” Acnologia claims to have the power to devour all magic indiscriminately. Interestingly, when Wendy felt compelled to attack him before the rest of the group could pull her back, a huge airship appeared and struck Acnologia, throwing him off balance.

The current chapter reveals that the flying ship, identified as Pegasus, has been specifically designed to assist dragon slayers get a winning edge against the fire-breathing creatures. A lady called Ichiya pulled the group inside the ship and advised them that Achnologia will have to be driven away from Magnolia. Although defeating Acnologia while he is in his strongest form is next to impossible, luring him away could buy some time. Moreover, Inchiya confirms that Acnologia could be defeated if they can lure him to a specific location.

The current chapter also reveals that the ship is stocked with ammunition and magical weapons that can be used against dragons. Chapter 528 had ended with the partial introduction of a mystery woman. The current chapter reveals her identity. The woman is identified as Ms. Anna. It turns out the beautiful woman is over 400-years-old and is Lucy’s ancestor. Anna claims that she taught Wendy, Natsu, and the others in reading, writing, and culture. Anna adds that she passed through the Gate of Eclipse along with the rest of the dragon slayers to arrive in the current era. Anna also claims that there is an order to the way all things are done. It appears she may have indirectly implied that even Acnologia can be defeated, provided they follow certain protocol.

Meanwhile back in the control room, the navigators and controllers of Pegasus are trying to outmaneuver Acnologia as they speed towards their mystery destination. They attempt firing weapons and magic spells, but as revealed earlier, Acnologia merely devours everything that is fired at him. The crew then decides to speed up their ship and let Acnologia chase them.

The scene shifts back to Lucy and Gray. In the earlier chapters, Mavis had revealed that Natsu’s life depended on the things written in the “Book of E.N.D.” As expected, Lucy gets quite emotional about him and cries, while the battle between the protagonist of Fairy Tail and his brother Zeref rages on at the Fairy Tail Headquarters in Magnolia. Given the fact that both the opponents are quite strong, the blows and punches get stronger with each bout.

Meanwhile back aboard the Pegasus, Anna continues to offer more information about the magical craft. She reveals that about 400 years ago, the humans had no means of opposing Acnologia. Hence, the rest of the dragons decided to entrust hope to the future generations. Accordingly, the dragons entered the bodies of the slayers and traveled to the future when magic power flowed abundantly. She notes that Zeref was the one who constructed a gate that connected the past to the future, but adds that he was engrossed in his research about “time” and was more intent on getting to the past. While Zeref constructed the gate, Anna accessed it from the past, while Layla Heartfilia opened the gate from the future.

As it turns out, Anna, Layla, and the other good dragons are responsible for the Fairy Tail Guild’s formation. Anna even helped raise the children. Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, and Rouge were subsequently and gradually approached and brought to the headquarters to form the guild.

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Interestingly, Anna was trapped within the current time because of a malfunction in the gate that was used to reach the present era. Although a glitch trapped her here, Anna realizes the same glitch may be used to trap Acnologia. Anna reveals she plans to “seal Acnologia in the ravines of time, and return him to nothingness.”

Chapter 530 of Fairy Tail manga, titled “Neo Eclipse,” is expected to be released without a break this week. Will Pegasus manage to outrun Acnologia and assist the group to trap him? Will Natsu emerge victorious in the battle against his own brother Zeref? Hopefully, Fairy Tail mangaka Hiro Mashima reveals answers to these questions in the upcoming chapter of the popular Japanese series.

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