Duggar News: New Video Casts Light On Jinger Duggar’s Pregnancy

Jinger Duggar has been the subject of pregnancy rumors ever since an image of her with a fan made news. The picture shows the fourth Duggar daughter with an ostensible “baby bump.” A new video from the same time suggests the bulge may have been a trick of the eye.


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The above picture that sparked rumors and the video below are from the same time when the Duggar family was at Creation Museum in Kentucky last weekend. The family met some eager fans and obliged them with photos. The fans, a group of college students, also posed for pictures with several members of the Duggar family, including Jinger Duggar. An image taken at the museum on that day triggered news about Jinger’s pregnancy, while another pic in the video offers an alternate explanation.

At the 2:44 mark, the video features Jinger Duggar with the fan who is also present in her Instagram pic that led to speculation. A frontal click, the second photo indicates a slight bulge extending all the way from right under the strap of her bag. While it seems far-fetched to say it could be a baby bump, it could be argued that strap could have caused the fabric to protrude. In the picture that sparked pregnancy news, the lower buttons seem to have caused the fabric of Jinger’s shirt to fold.

If Jinger Duggar were visibly pregnant, she would have to be at least 12 weeks along for it show. This is the widely accepted earliest time when pregnancy becomes visible. However, in most women, the baby bump is actually not seen until a few weeks later. Jinger’s sister, Jessa Seewald Duggar, is a prime example. Below is Jessa at 12 weeks when she broke the news of her first pregnancy to the world in 2015, and later at about 16 weeks when it really showed.

16 weeks 1 day #BabyBump #BabySeewald

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Jinger Duggar tied the knot with Jeremy Vuolo early last November. While a pregnancy within half a year of marriage is not uncommon for the Duggars, recent photos that purportedly fueled Jinger’s pregnancy rumors are not conclusive. A more plausible explanation for the seeming bulge could be in the way her shirt is worn.

“It is also hard to believe that the Duggars would take a visibly pregnant Jinger to a location likely teeming with fans, lest should the news of her pregnancy be outed before an announcement is made at the right moment. Though they do not believe in family planning, for the Duggars weddings and births fueled their popular TLC television series 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On, and hence timing their announcements is crucial.”

This argument can also be substantiated by Anna Duggar’s appearance with the Duggar family at the Creation Museum, well after she broke the news of her fifth pregnancy with husband Josh Duggar, last month. A visibly pregnant Anna also seen in the video with fans, is well into it given that the Duggar family knows the baby’s gender, usually determined at around the 20th week.

All this notwithstanding, there’s no proof that Jinger Duggar is not pregnant, but the images are not conclusive. An Instagram pic with her husband left fans wondering why she had to cover up, though several logical explanations abound, including the possibility that the photo was clicked at a chilly location.

Our first time seeing baby Henry ????

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