‘IT’ Trailer Sets Record For Most Views In 24 Hours

Stephen King’s IT remake trailer has crushed the record for the most views on a movie trailer in the first 24 hours. The movie, which fans are already buzzing about, received 197 million views on it’s first day, and continues to add to the number each and every day.

According to Forbes, the first trailer for Stephen King’s IT remake landed 197 million views globally with more than 81 million of the views coming from Facebook. The trailer was also shared 1.8 million times on the social networking site. The huge number of views on the trailer crushes the record set by the trailer for The Fate of the Furious, which landed 139 million views in a single day, by 58 million views.

The IT trailer was also a huge success on other social media platforms such as Twitter. Deadline reports that after being released this week trending phrases such as IT, IT Movie, Pennywise, and a red balloon emoji were also prominent on the site.

For fans who haven’t read the novel or seen the original version of the film, IT is based on the 1986 book by horror novel icon, Stephen King. The story centers around seven children, who call themselves the “Losers Club,” and who are all stalked by a terrifying being, usually seen in the form of a demonic clown named Pennywise.

The original made for TV movie starred Rocky Horror Picture Show and Clue actor Tim Curry as creepy clown Pennywise. The remake has tapped Bill Skarsgard as the film’s villain, along with a cast of children headlining the movie, including Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard.

According to Collider, if the IT remake has a good showing at the box office, there are plans to make a second film, which would focus on the core group of children as adults, much like the 1990’s book adaptation, which divided its parts between the characters as children and adults. In the second half of the novel, the “Losers Club” returns to their hometown of Derry as adults and again fights Pennywise the clown.

Movie Pilot reveals that Pennywise returns every 27 years to terrorize the town of Derry. Coincidentally, it has also been 27 years since the 1990 made for TV movie was released. The remake is expected to stick closely to the source material of the book and original film, but with an R rating, will likely be much more graphic and intense.

Fans did notice that the footage revealed in the new trailer is very similar to the original film, and with the amount of times the IT movie remake trailer has been watched, it seems that the film could become a cult classic, possibly more popular than the original due to the lack of restrictions that the former movie had to endure.

However, the original cast, which included stars such as Johnathan Brandis, Seth Green, Tim Curry, Annette O’Toole, Richard Thomas, John Ritter, Harry Anderson, Richard Masur, and more, will undoubtedly be hard to beat. Although it seems the social media age has helped the film garner a whole new generation of fans who can’t wait for the new movie to hit theaters.

Stephen King stories have been scaring people for decades, and the new IT remake is sure to follow suit. Fans are now wondering if the popularity of the movie will warrant any more of the author’s stories to be made or remade into big screen adaptations. Many fans have been calling for a Pet Sematary remake for years.

The IT movie remake is set to be released on September 8.

What are your thoughts on the amount of views the IT movie trailer gathered in the span of only 24 hours? Are you planning to watch the film?

[Featured Image by Warner Bros]