Amanda Stanton Addresses Josh Murray Allegations And Return To ‘Paradise’ Rumors

Just when things looked like perhaps a reconciliation was on the horizon for former engaged couple Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, things took a turn for the worse, fast. The couple was seen together recently and supporters of Josh and Amanda hoped they were trying to work through their issues. If that was the case, it can be safely assumed now that getting back together will not be an option.

Josh reportedly called the police on Amanda over a dispute with a car Murray had recently purchased. Us Weekly confirmed the reports of the police appearing at Amanda’s house are true. The Irvine Police Department confirmed the call happened and was placed by Josh and his personal assistant, Hayley Watts.

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The police department revealed it was called out to Stanton’s on a “keep the peace” call. The Irvine Police PIO said, “It was an incident where it was a dispute over a car and perhaps some items in the car. It basically resolved itself. No arrests were made. There was no criminal activity of any sort.”

Reportedly, Josh was asking Amanda for $30,000 to pay for the Audi Q5 he had purchased for Stanton in October. Amanda shared that even though she really didn’t need the car Josh had purchased for her, she offered to take over the car payments. Stanton had been driving a vehicle purchased by her ex-husband before the Audi purchase. Amanda says Josh did not like that and bought her the new one. Amanda was on vacation in Fiji, so the two were originally going to meet the day after she returned at the DMV to take care of everything. Amanda said the following.

“He wanted to go to the DMV the next day, but I was going out of town and [told him] we could handle when I got back. He said ‘OK’ and we were going to handle it on Tuesday. I got home on Monday night and was cooking dinner for my daughters when there was a knock at the door and it was the police.”

Amanda cooperated fully with the police upon their arrival. Stanton said, “I was very cooperative and gave them the keys right away. I got a new car the next day. If anything, it was just weird that he called the police when he didn’t have to. We don’t talk anymore. I don’t know why this had to happen. I thought once we cut our ties and he had his car back we’d be done with each other.”

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There were also allegations against Amanda made by assistant Hayley Watts. She says Amanda body shamed her by calling her fat and also accused her of stealing some of Stanton’s belongings. E! Newscaught up with Amanda who denies the allegations and says Watts is not even technically really Josh’s personal assistant. Amanda says she would never body shame anyone. Stanton said, “Never, ever would I body shame anybody. That just honestly makes me so upset to even read that. It’s just sad that anyone can make up a lie.”

Amanda admits the part about the cops showing up is fact and says she feels it was a set up for publicity. Stanton said of Josh, “He’s the worst. Everybody warned me.” It looks like Amanda and Josh are done for good this time.

Amanda and Josh first met and became engaged on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. The couple were obviously into each other and Josh moved from his Atlanta home to be with Stanton and her two daughters in California. Things were rocky for them and there were numerous reports of them splitting several times, then reconciling. Finally, less than six months after getting engaged Josh and Amanda broke up once again and Murray moved back to Atlanta.

Amid the drama with Josh, there have been rumors circling that perhaps Amanda may be headed for Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 this summer. Hollywood Life shared that Amanda revealed via Instagram Live that she is not going back to Paradise. Stanton did however reveal that fellow Bachelor alumni Sarah Heron will be joining the new cast.

Do you think Amanda and Josh will ever be friends again? Are you shocked Josh would call the cops on Amanda? Stay tuned for more information on your favorite Bachelor couples as news surfaces. The new season of Bachelor in Paradise will film this summer and air after The Bachelorette finale.

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