Naya Rivera, David Spade Hoax? Photos Of Naya, 30, And David, 52 – Real Or Fake?

There’s news about Naya Rivera and David Spade that has set the Internet on fire. According to Google Trends, Naya received 20,000 searches on April 1. That’s because Rivera was spotted in photos with Spade that have some folks scratching their heads and wondering if the news is an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke. However, the headline is real, at least according to E! Online: “Naya Rivera and David Spade Are Dating: Get the Scoop on the New Couple.”

Naya rose to fame as a prominent cast member on Glee, with the actress famously dating rapper Big Sean. When Big Sean rapped about Naya on Drake’s “All Me” song, as reported by Genius, Big Sean rapped about Rivera’s Glee role, and the fact that Naya likely brought in more income than Big Sean. However, that couple broke up, and now news about Naya and David are gaining buzz online.

“My new girl is on Glee and s***, probably making more money than me and s***.”

As reported by E! News, Rivera and Spade were not only captured in the photos in the pool in Hawaii, but the publication claims that Naya and David have been trying to keep their new relationship on the down low. The report was published on March 31, and as of this writing, Gossip Cop has not debunked or confirmed the report.

According to the report, Rivera and Spade have been dating for at least two weeks. However, that hasn’t stopped people from wondering if the photos of Naya and David in a swimming pool together are all a staged hoax set up to fool the public for April Fool’s Day. Naya divorced Ryan Dorsey last November after they were married for two years, and the couple has a nearly two-year-old son together.

Now reports that Rivera is now dating David with photos that went viral from Hawaii on Friday are getting a big reaction online. Not only is there a significant age difference between the 30-year-old Naya and the 52-year-old Spade, the couple is being called unlikely for other reasons on social media, after they were spotted canoodling in the pool in Waikiki, Hawaii.

However, others on social media believe the news about Spade dating Rivera, since David has been linked to many celebrities in the past, like Pamela Anderson, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Heather Locklear. David has an eight-year-old daughter but has never been married.

Meanwhile, the reaction to the pool pics of David and Naya are bringing lots of feedback, along with the bikini photos that Rivera posted of herself on her own Twitter page, as seen above. Some of the comments being published along with the photos feature people writing that if Naya and Spade can become a couple, they feel there is hope for love. Others note that Naya appears to be staring into the camera in the viral photos, perhaps a sign of the photos being staged or fake.

Either way, David made his appearance in Hawaii for Spade’s Here Comes the Funny Tour. The viral photos of Naya and David were taken near the pool at Halekulani Hotel prior to the couple going to Duke’s restaurant. Some of the reactions being published about Rivera and Spade can be read below.

“Good morning everyone including Naya Rivera and David Spade I guess.”

“If David Spade and Naya Rivera can be together, there must be hope for this potato.”

“Either Naya Rivera and David Spade are pulling the greatest prank, or this really IS Tr*mp’s new America.”

“If David Spade can get Naya Rivera then this leads me to believe that there’s literally nothing that we can’t achieve if we put our mind to it.”

[Featured Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Vanity Fair]