Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Wedding Off: Why Couple Is ‘Hesitant’ To Get Married

Is Gwen Stefani delaying plans to tie the knot with Blake Shelton?

Reports claim that the duo is no longer in a rush to get married, and that’s despite multiple outlets having previously claimed that Gwen Stefani was desperate to walk down the aisle last December — which, of course, never ended up happening.

Engagement rumors have been circulating since Gwen Stefani started dating in the fall of 2015, but reps have firmly denied the two having even reached that stage where they would have discussed anything that was even close to marriage at that time.

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Of course, now that a year has passed since Gwen Stefani and Shelton announced their romance, things seems to have changed in their relationship.

While neither of the two is ruling out future marriage plans, Gwen is most certainly not rushing anything that concerns her romance with Blake, insisting that she’s happy just being his girlfriend. Getting married wouldn’t change the way Stefani feels about Blake, and at this given point, there’s no need to rush anything.

Blake is more or less said to be on the same page. The two allegedly bonded having both experienced divorces from their ex-partners before meeting one another on the set of The Voice, so there’s an understanding as to why neither one of them is desperate to get married again.

The relationship Gwen Stefani shares with Blake has certainly proven itself to be one that stands longevity, especially with a number of times the singer gushes about her beau in interviews, calling him one of the sweetest and loving men she has ever met in her life.

Regarding plans to get married, however, it seems as if Gwen Stefani will continue to hold the girlfriend tag for the time being — at least until the two have figured out whether tying the knot in the near future would make it the right time for them.

“Blake and Gwen are no longer in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, but they still love each other very much and are very happy with each other,” a source explains to Hollywood Life. “And an engagement or wedding will not change that, so they aren’t rushing into any of that. So a real honeymoon isn’t on the horizon anytime soon. They are happy with their current status of being boyfriend and girlfriend.”

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Gwen Stefani doesn’t see herself leaving Blake Shelton’s side anytime soon. Aside from being great mentors on The Voice, the couple has also found themselves working together in the studio, working on music on both of their albums.

And if that wasn’t enough, Blake was said to have been an incredibly supportive boyfriend when Gwen Stefani kicked off her nationwide tour last year with rapper Eve. Blake reportedly attended as many shows as his hectic schedule would allow, showing just how supportive he is of Gwen and her music career.

Last year, TMZ was one of the first outlets to claim that Gwen and Blake were planning to tie the knot last December, adding that all the details were being kept a secret because they wanted to keep the ceremony as private as possible.

Gwen Stefani and Blake didn’t end up getting married, nor have they reached the proposal stage yet, which certainly confused fans considering that the previously mentioned outlet had gone on to insinuate that the mother-of-three was already engaged with the country singer.

Whatever the case may be, Gwen Stefani is not engaged, nor has she made any plans regarding a wedding with Blake Shelton in the future. The duo is said to be taking things one step at a time, but as of right now, they have no plans to get married.

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