Seth Rollins Could Have Pneumonia, ‘Wrestlemania 33’ Match in Serious Jeopardy

After everything that Seth Rollins has done over the past two months to get medically cleared for his match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 33, he’s still in serious danger of missing the grandest stage of them all for an issue unrelated to his knee injury. Seth Rollins’ Wrestlemania status was already questionable because of his knee, but WWE officials may be forced to make an extremely tough call over the next forty-eight hours.

Over the last two months, Seth has been recovering from a knee injury he suffered the night after the WWE Royal Rumble PPV during an attack by Samoa Joe. The belief was he would be medically cleared to compete at Wrestlemania, and the bout with HHH would happen, but the timetable wouldn’t allow for any setbacks on “The Road to Wrestlemania.” Until recently, his status for the grandest stage of them all was probable.

The WWE Universe watched him brawl with Triple H on Raw more than once, which was a really good sign that his knee would be medically cleared for this Sunday. WWE officials have been blurring the line on his injury status to continue selling the match with The Game, but the assumption was he would be cleared. At the moment, his knee isn’t the biggest roadblock for him. He could miss Wrestlemania for another reason.

Seth Rollins May Be Rushing Back For Wrestlemania 33
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It’s being reported that Seth Rollins paid a visit to his doctor this morning only to learn that he is running a high fever, and he could be contracting pneumonia only a few days before the grandest stage of them all. It’s been rumored that he was sick, but his health is said to be in worse condition than just having the flu. As of this writing, the belief is Rollins vs. Triple H could be canceled the former’s health over the next two days.

Heading into Wrestlemania 33, Seth Rollins has had the worse luck. His status for Sunday was questionable before his illness was reported, but WWE officials don’t have a lot of time to make a decision regarding Seth Rollins’ knee and overall health. The match with Triple H will be a non-sanctioned match, so it will be brutal and physically draining. A normal wrestling match is already challenging, so Rollins may be over his head.

WWE officials had major concerns heading into Wrestlemania that Seth Rollins was rushing his recovery to be cleared in time for Orlando. Some were feeling that Rollins has been putting the match with HHH over his overall health, which is now an even bigger issue because Seth could have pneumonia. There is still some time for Rollins to recover, but this weekend is going to be one of the most challenging periods of his life.

Seth Rollins vs Triple H is Still Happening at Wrestlemania 33
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It’s been reported that WWE officials have had Finn Balor waiting in the wings to replace Seth Rollins in the match if he’s unable to compete. The WWE Universe was expecting Balor to make his WWE return during the match between Rollins and Triple H, but WWE may have him return after Triple H announces that Seth isn’t medically cleared to compete at Wrestlemania 33. It’s the best WWE can do under the circumstances.

If that happens, it’ll be because WWE officials decided that Rollins’ health is more important than a match on the grandest stage of them all, but it remains to be seen if WWE needs to pull the plug on Rollins yet. The next 48 hours are critical, but WWE officials will make sure the fans get a show no matter what happens. It would be a shame to see Seth Rollins have to miss his second Wrestlemania in a row due to some issue.

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