Bjork Surgery Prompts Tour Cancellations, Singer Writes About Ordeal

bjork surgery 2012

Singer Bjork’s surgery on her vocal chords may have disappointed some fans due to cancelled shows, but the Icelandic musician says that she is feeling worlds better after the medically necessary break.

Bjork’s surgery was due to polyps and nodules on her vocal chords, and the 47-year-old songstress admits she kept quiet at first about her medical woes until the prognosis was clear.

Bjork’s surgery was the topic of a recent post on her website (no umlaut!), in which she explains that she struggled with the pain quietly for a long time before settling on surgery.

Bjork begins:

“few years ago doctors found a vocal polyp on me chords … i decided to go the natural way and for 4 years did stretches and tackled it with different foods and what not.”

It appears that Bjork’s surgery was carefully considered only after the non-surgical approach didn’t help her condition. She explains that while she was reluctant to go the “lazer” route, she now feels 100% restored to her pre-issues singing self:

” … then they discovered better technology and i got tempted into hi tech lazer stuff and i have to say, in my case anyway: surgery rocks! i stayed quiet for 3 weeks and then started singing and definitely feel like my chords are as good as pre nodule!”

bjork surgery

Bjork continues, apologizing to fans and explaining that until she knew she could get better, she didn’t want to risk discussing it:

“it’s been very satisfying to sing all them clear notes again. im sorry i had to cancel stuff earlier in the year , didnt want to talk about this until i knew for sure if it would work. so looking forward to singing for you in 2013 all the warmth, björk.”

Will you go see Bjork sing after surgery in 2013?