Jinger Duggar Pregnant? Mrs. Vuolo Posts Another Photo Sparking More Rumors

Is Jinger Duggar pregnant? If she is, she isn’t saying, but that hasn’t stopped fans and the media from speculating. Now, a second Instagram photo has led to even more speculation that the fourth-oldest Duggar daughter, and sixth-oldest Duggar child, has a bun in the oven.

Speculation that Jinger is pregnant has been going on for about a week now, thanks to a mundane Instagram post that Jinger put up on March 25. In the photo, which appears to have been taken in a museum or tourist attraction of some kind, Jinger poses with another woman, perhaps a fan wanting a photo of her favorite celebrity.


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If you look closely at the bottom two buttons of Jinger’s shirt, you can see that her lower abdomen appears to protrude a little.

Admittedly, that’s not much in terms of evidence that the 23-year-old is pregnant. And in fact, there are plenty of reasons why the photo probably doesn’t show a pregnancy. Bad lighting, bad camera angles, and the way Jinger’s shirt was hanging that day all could contribute to create an optical illusion that makes it look like something is protruding but really isn’t. The human brain has evolved to see patterns where there are none; the process is called pareidolia, and it’s the same process that causes some people to believe they see Jesus Christ in a tortilla shell. So, combine that with an eager public who loves celebrities, loves celebrity pregnancy stories, and is anxious to see a newly-married woman expand her family, and you have a recipe for rampant pregnancy speculation.

Or even if her abdomen is slightly protruding, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s pregnant; she could just be bloated following a big lunch, or she could just be putting on a couple of extra pounds. These things happen.

However, Jinger, who as of this writing hasn’t officially commented on her rumored pregnancy, has fueled even more speculation that she’s pregnant with her latest Instagram post.

Our first time seeing baby Henry????

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That’s Jinger and her husband, former soccer player Jeremy Vuolo, meeting their nephew Henry for the first time. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, fans are analyzing every pixel of that photograph and finding even more “evidence” that the happy couple is expecting.

So what’s the “evidence”? Her posture and the fact that she’s wearing a coat (which is to say, she’s trying to hide the baby bump from the camera). That’s it.

Not being a posture expert, it would foolhardy of this writer to analyze Jinger’s posture for any reported evidence of a pregnancy. But as for the coat: as you can see, Jeremy and Spurgeon (the older of the two nephews) are both wearing jackets, and baby Henry is bundled up tightly in a full-body onesie. In other words, it was probably just cold wherever they were that day.

If Jinger is pregnant, a pregnancy so early in her marriage (she just got married about five months ago) wouldn’t be out of line with her family’s lifestyle and religious beliefs. In the Duggars’ version of evangelical Christianity, birth control is forbidden, and big families are seen as a blessing.

Similarly, Jinger’s married siblings all started expanding their families within a few months of their marriages. Older brother Josh and older sisters Jill and Jessa were all pregnant within months of tying the knot.

As for why Jinger is keeping quiet if she’s pregnant: The Hollywood Gossip speculates that she’s keeping it under wraps in order to create more drama on her show, Counting On.

Do you think Jinger Duggar is pregnant and hiding it?

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