‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 5: Rick And Marty To Dig For Another Season?

The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 renewal or cancellation still hangs in the balance. But that is not stopping speculations that the hit History reality series could be renewed or canceled despite the lack of a formal announcement from the network or the confirmation from its main stars, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina.

It is understandable for fans to be clamoring for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5. Throughout its four seasons, the reality series managed to bring the thrill of a treasure hunt to its viewers, as shown by its steadily increasing viewership.

Indeed, The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 was a thrilling ride for fans of the hit reality series. The show, which centers around Rick and Marty Lagina, documents the brothers as they try to solve the Oak Island mystery, which is said to be more than two centuries old.

Oak Island, which is situated in Nova Scotia, Canada, has long been believed to be the final resting place of either a buried treasure trove and historical artifacts. Depending on which theory one listens to, the treasure was said to be deposited deep underground by the Spanish, loot from the conquered Aztec Empire, or by the Knights Templar wishing to secure their treasures from authorities — or by even the British Army.

However, the debatable and confusing source of the supposed treasure did not deter treasure hunters of the past. In fact, the numerous legends only seem to lend an air of mystery to the puzzle, thus increasing its allure.

The Curse of Oak Island project is a dream come true for brothers Rick and Marty Lagina. Since reading about it in a January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest, it became the brothers’ childhood dream to locate the treasure. Having acquired a controlling stake in Oak Island Tours, which owns most of the island, they were approached by Prometheus Entertainment, which wanted to bankroll the treasure hunt and turn it into a reality show.

Soon after digging for the treasure started, hints of what could be buried underneath were slowly being uncovered. In the first season of The Curse of Oak Island, the team was able to unearth a Spanish copper coin dated to be from the 17th century.

It was in the show’s fourth season that things started to get very interesting. Earlier in the season, the team came across a metal spike, which, according to an expert, could only have come from a Spanish ship. This confirms another treasure hunter’s finding that there are parts of an old ship scattered in the swamp, a ship that could have been used to transport precious cargo to the area.

But more exciting finds are yet to come. In the final episode of The Curse of Oak Island Season 4, the team’s drilling brought to the surface several metal plates, nuts, and a washer. According to an expert’s assessment, the metal plates that were excavated by the team are likely part of a treasure chest and are reused parts of a ship.

With exciting finds suggesting that the brothers are on the right track, it is unbelievable that they will opt to have The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 canceled. In fact, most of the team members are very keen to keep the quest for treasure going during their final huddle last season.

Even series creator Kevin Burns revealed that History Channel is keen on The Curse of Oak Island Season 5’s renewal, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Ultimately, it would depend on the Lagina brothers if they would still continue digging for the fifth season. Previously, it was reported that doing the production is no walk in the park. They have to be away from their families for extended periods of time and have to endure less-than-comfortable conditions.

But given the chance to fulfill their childhood dreams, it would not make sense to cancel the fifth season. They will always be haunted by the question of whether there really is a treasure trove to be found. As for fans, the lure of buried treasures waiting to be uncovered is just too strong to resist, The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 has to be made.

[Featured Image by History Channel]