‘For Honor’ Update Increases Steel Gain, Reintroduces Removed Maps

In a game update live today, For Honor players will begin to earn more Steel for all activities in the multiplayer fighting title. After a brief maintenance earlier this morning, Steel gains are up to 50 percent higher depending on the activity. The update also returned two popular maps back into the game’s rotation after being disabled at the beginning of the month.

Since March 3, two Viking maps in For Honor have been missing from the game. The River Fort and High Fort maps were removed from gameplay rotations due to a stability issue. Today, players should begin to see those maps again while fighting in the faction war. River Fort will become available by the end of the day while the High Fort map will follow if the return of River Fort goes smoothly according to the official Ubisoft forums.

Today’s update to For Honor includes another major change to benefit players as well. More Steel is now being rewarded in the game across all activities. Every match a player completes will reward them with 25 percent more Steel than before the update. Daily Orders are worth an additional 33 percent more at 400 Steel while Side Orders are worth 50 percent more at 150 Steel. Finally, any Community Orders now reward 2,000 Steel rather than the previous 500 or 1,000 Steel.

For Honor Steel rewards increased across all activities
Earn 25 percent more Steel from Dominion and all other modes [Image by Ubisoft]

Considering all cosmetics, equipment upgrades, and even Champion Status cost Steel, For Honor players could always use more Steel. A vast amount of Steel is needed to buy random packs or upgrade the gear of just one of the game’s 12 characters, for instance. Since Ubisoft sells Steel for real money, it is somewhat reassuring to see Steel gain increased at all. However, the title continues to expand with new cosmetics like outfits and emotes that require a good chunk of Steel to purchase.

In fact, the three factions of For Honor have new Elite Outfits available today. All characters have new outfits with new symbols, ornaments, patterns, and more. The Knights have new Battlefield Chic selections, the Vikings have new Death Ravens attire, and the Samurai have new Death Blossoms items to purchase. Each outfit is 7,000 Steel for each of the game’s 12 characters. Players that want a sense of completion in For Honor across all the characters would need 84,000 Steel for these new Elite Outfits alone.

For Honor Knights Battlefield Chic, Vikings Death Ravens, and Samurai Death Blossoms outfits
Alongside the increased Steel rewards, 12 new outfits were also added to the game [Image by Ubisoft]

Two weeks ago, new emotes were added to For Honor for players to purchase with Steel as well. A new emote for each fighter was added to the game like the new Pony emote for Lawbringers, the Thunderclap for Warlords, and the Sumo emote for the Shugoki. Each of these new emotes also cost 7,000 Steel. Players can preview them in game from the Customization option for each hero or check out the game’s official website for a video preview.

Since its release in February, For Honor continues to update with new cosmetics options and gameplay changes. The multiplayer game features both player versus player and player versus AI options across all game modes. Modes include Duel, Brawl, two types of Elimination, or Dominion where players fight alongside NPC soldiers to capture points.

Of course, the title is not without its problems. The latest round of the faction war did not reward any player with a Scavenger Crate, and a recent outage affected the ability to play for some time. As an apology for the outage, all For Honor players have three days of free Champion Status right now through the weekend.

As the Inquisitr reported, Ubisoft often applies free Champion Status after server issues. After an outage in February, three days of Champion Status were applied to accounts then as well. Like last time, players with active Champion Status will have three days added to their existing Champion Status duration in For Honor.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]