Black Insomnia: World’s Strongest Coffee Caffeine Level Is Worth 7 Cups In 12 Oz

There’s a new coffee that’s getting plenty of buzz. As reported by Newser, Black Insomnia has a reason to bill itself as “The World’s Strongest Coffee.” The Black Insomnia website explains that they are indeed “The World’s Strongest Coffee” because of how they measure the strength of their less soluble coffee, not from burning their coffee beans to a blackened color, but by including a caffeine content that they write contains “dangerously high levels of caffeine.”

Black Insomnia sought to shake up the coffee industry by offering coffee lovers a drink that was way stronger and darker than they were used to drinking. “The World’s Strongest Coffee” packs a whopping 702 mg of caffeine in about 12 fluid ounces of coffee, which is about the size of a soda can. But that can of Coke only has about 34 mg of caffeine. Usually, 100 mg of caffeine is equal to a cup of coffee, but with 702 mg of caffeine represented in about 12 fluid ounces of Black Insomnia Coffee, the “World’s Strongest Coffee” packs about the caffeine punch of seven cups of coffee in one.

In comparison, a can of Red Bull generally contains approximately 108 mg of caffeine for the equivalent 340 mL volume.

Apparently, the Black Insomnia coffee has gained fans on Amazon, because “The World’s Strongest Coffee” is currently sold out via the retailing giant’s website. Black Insomnia just went on sale on Amazon on Friday, less than one week ago.

The Black Insomnia maker addressed the safety of their own product’s caffeine content.

“So now you’re probably wondering if our coffee is safe… One 12-fluid-ounce (355-milliliter) cup contains nearly double the recommended daily allowance of caffeine. ‘By no means are these coffees normal or average,’ says Taylor Martin, in an article he wrote for c|net explaining the differences in caffeine for coffee, cold brew and espresso. Which, to be blunt, tells you why you should probably not drink OUR Cold Brew if you do not have a high tolerance for caffeine. So here’s the thing, don’t come crying to us if you can’t handle the kick. Our beans may taste great, they may be smooth, ‘with the flavours of nuts and caramel,’ but if you can’t handle they kick, it may just not be for you. But for those who can, we are happy to be here for you. When do you want to sleep again?”

The Black Insomnia coffee became the “World’s Strongest Coffee,” according to its maker, when they went way beyond the caffeine levels that were set by the world’s “now second strongest coffee.” After bringing the caffeine level “down” to 702 mg per 12 fluid ounce cup of coffee, the “World’s Strongest Coffee” is said to have a walnut taste that’s nearly sweet.

The coffee hails from South Africa, and calls Cape Town the coffee capital of the world on its website. They achieved the high level of caffeine by using only Robusta beans, instead of Arabica beans, which aren’t as strong.

As reported by Food & Wine, Caffeine Informer verifies 351 mg of caffeine in Black Insomnia’s 6-ounce cup. The same size for Death Wish Coffee contains 330 mg. Only 400 mg of caffeine per day are recommended by the Mayo Clinic for healthy adults. Black Insomnia has hit the limit in caffeine levels, according to their press release, with a warning to others not to try and go beyond their levels of caffeine in “the interest of public health and safety.” Black Insomnia’s makers also noted that higher levels of caffeine had a negative effect upon the taste of the coffee.

[Featured Image by Eric Risberg/AP Images]