Carrie Fisher’s Dog Gary Missed Her Memorial But Found A Forever Home

Carrie Fisher’s fans were wondering why her beloved dog Gary didn’t attend her public memorial last weekend. According to USA Today, Carrie’s brother Todd explained to reporters he didn’t know why Gary wasn’t in attendance but fans can rest assured that all of Fisher’s and her mother Debbie Reynolds’ pets are going to be well taken care of.

“None of these pets will ever go without what’s best for them,” Todd Fisher said. “You know that these pets are going to be well looked after. They all have trust funds. Let’s put it that way.”

Gary, who is undoubtedly still grieving the death of his companion Carrie, just made a recent return to social media. Fisher’s French bulldog had become such an iconic sidekick that both a Twitter and Instagram were created in his honor.

Originally a fan had created a Twitter account for Gary and Fisher’s fans took great solace in it following Carrie’s death. A new Twitter account for the dog was developed in January, presumably by Fisher’s estate.

While initial reports following Carrie Fisher’s death indicated her daughter, Billie Lourd, would take custody of the beloved Gary, last week reports surfaced that Gary had found a new home with Fisher’s longtime assistant, Corby McCoin. According to People, McCoin and Gary Fisher had developed a strong bond as both frequently accompanied Carrie. Gary’s Instagram was full of pictures of him with both Fisher and McCoin.

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Carrie Fisher received Gary from her daughter Billie to utilize as a service dog in helping manage her bipolar disorder. Billie also has a French bulldog, and the two pooches are said to be best buds.

Gary and Carrie frequented red carpets and events together, and the pooch was a familiar sight for Fisher’s fans. Gary was even reportedly with Carrie on the flight in which she suffered from the cardiac arrest that later led to her death.

Carrie often spoke of the positive impact Gary had on her mental health. In a 2013 interview with the Herald-Tribune, Fisher shared that the French bulldog had equally come to depend on her for a sense of security.

Carrie Fisher's dog Gary missed her memorial.

“Gary is mental also. My mother says Gary is a hooligan,” Carrie joked. “Gary is like my heart. Gary is very devoted to me and that calms me down. He’s anxious when he’s away from me.”

While Carrie Fisher’s daughter and Gary were both present for the private memorial held for the beloved Star Wars actress and her mother Debbie Reynolds shortly after their deaths, fans were surprised that neither attended the public celebration of life. Initially, it was reported that both would attend.

Following the memorial, however, Todd Fisher explained that Carrie’s daughter Billie may have still been too raw to grieve in public. Lourd reportedly opted instead for a quiet dinner with her father that night.

“Billie is 24 years old. She’s dealing with two gigantic losses. These two girls — my girls, my mother and my sister, were big, big personalities (with a) big influence on Billie, myself, many people,” Todd Fisher said prior to Carrie’s public memorial, according to Entertainment Tonight. “There’s a vacuum in the room and she’s (Billie) feeling it and we’re all feeling it. It’s just that I’m 59 and I have no choice but to step up and put this stuff forward,” he continued. “I’m letting her breathe, you know? She needs to breathe. She needs to step back from all of this loss.”

While Gary didn’t make it to the public memorial, Carrie’s parrot Archie and Debbie Reynolds dog Dwight were reportedly there to represent the Fisher/Reynolds pet menagerie.

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