Blac Chyna At War With Tyga And Rob Kardashian, Says They Are Teaming Up On Her

It looks like the baby daddy drama between Blac Chyna and both of her ex-boyfriends, Rob Kardashian and Tyga, might get even uglier. Yesterday, Chyna went off on both Tyga and Rob in a Snapchat rant, claiming that Tyga doesn’t even pay child support before calling Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend a “b***h” and bragging that she has more money than him anyway. Now TMZ is reporting that Blac Chyna is mad at both Rob and Tyga of for tag teaming her and spreading lies about her together.

It turns out that Blac Chyna’s Snapchat rant yesterday happened because she is really angry at Tyga for allegedly talking about her behind her back. Part of Blac Chyna’s anger stems from reports that the “Rack City” rapper has been telling people that she wants to get back together with him. This is something that Chyna vehemently denies.

After all, why would she want Tyga back when Blac Chyna has already made it clear that she makes more money than he does. Not to mention that there are rumors that Kylie Jenner is done with him due to his constant digging in her bank account too. In case it wasn’t clear with Chyna’s recent failed relationship with Rob Kardashian, she’s looking to move up the financial ladder, not down.

Apparently, Tyga’s claims that Blac Chyna wants him back are also problematic because she says she rarely even speaks to her rapper baby daddy. Recently, she reportedly called him up to tell Tyga to pay King Cairo’s nannies because he wasn’t just getting it done on his own. It turns out that Tyga may have misread the phone call, thinking that Blac Chyna wanted to talk about more than just getting her childcare help paid for.

Tyga allegedly told Rob Kardashian about the call and his misinterpretation of Blac Chyna wanting to get back together. Tyga and Rob have reportedly become close friends ever since Rob and Chyna split up. Maybe they bonded over the fact that both men not only had sex with the former stripper but they both have a child with her now too.

The bigger issue here, or so it seems, is that Rob Kardashian is not keeping intel from Tyga to himself. Instead, when he talks to Blac Chyna, whom he reportedly is not over yet and would like to reconcile with himself, he’s blabbing all the info that Tyga tells him right back to Chyna, which caused her to freak out about on Snapchat, causing all the headlines yesterday about how she was going off.

Tyga doesn’t seem to think Blac Chyna’s rage is serious and hasn’t bothered to comment on claims that he doesn’t pay child support and that she absolutely doesn’t want to steal him back from Kylie Jenner. Instead, when Tyga was asked about Chyna’s social media call out, all he could do was laugh. Hopefully, if Tyga wants to avoid anymore baby mama drama, he’ll stop telling Rob Kardashian all of his business because it’s pretty clear where Rob’s loyalty lies, and it’s not with Tyga. On top of that, if Tyga is telling Rob that Blac Chyna wants him back, is it possible that he was trying to upset Dream’s daddy, considering that he still wants to fix what went wrong in his relationship with Chyna?

Can you even keep up with all of this Kardashian drama? Who do you think is at fault for the latest lashing out by Blac Chyna? Is Tyga being messy while trying to spread rumors with Rob or should Rob refrain from sharing details Tyga tells him with Chyna? Sound off on the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians relationship drama in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]