‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava’s In Trouble, Franco Reaches Out, Tracy Plans

There has been plenty of drama swirling around Port Charles this week, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Thursday’s show brings quite a bit more. Both Ava and Ned were feeling quite worried when masked men showed up at the Floating Rib, and Jason is going to express his concerns regarding Jake. GH teasers share that the March 30 episode brings more with Tracy as she pursues this mysterious painting situation, and Franco has a surprise for Nina as Elizabeth opens up to Kiki about the drama in her life.

GH teasers hint at major drama playing out at the Floating Rib during Thursday’s show. The last that viewers saw, two men wearing masks and brandishing guns rushed into the joint as Ned was starting to break up with Olivia. He had his grandmother’s ring in his hand, and Ava had just given Lucy an antique treasure in exchange for Morgan’s pills. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava is going to find herself in some trouble here as the masked men threaten her life and terrorize everybody at the Floating Rib. Who are they, what are they after, and just how does Ava fit into all of this?

Elizabeth, Franco, and Jason are all feeling concerned about Jake as additional red flags regarding his missing years with Helena surface. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will open up to Sam about the latest developments, and She Knows Soaps shares GH teasers revealing that he will begin to take steps to protect his family. As Jason is talking with Sam about all of this, it seems that Kiki and Elizabeth will be having a conversation. Elizabeth will confide in Kiki, and as they talk, Kiki will nudge Elizabeth to take charge while pointing out that Elizabeth should be calling the shots here, not Jason.

Rebecca Herbst plays Elizabeth on 'General Hospital'

GH teasers indicate that Franco will look for advice from someone unlikely, and it seems that it is Nina he will connect with on this front. Franco will show up at Nina’s door, wedding gift in hand, and it sounds as if he may want to gain her perspective on current happenings as he recognizes that their history with one another gives her some potentially useful insight.

Tracy is anxious to track down the expensive painting that Larry said her father had secretly purchased, and she has reached out to Laura to ask for some help. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Laura will resist getting involved, leaving Tracy stunned and angry.

GH teasers note that Tracy will question why Laura won’t help her, but there are hints that Laura may ultimately join the upcoming adventure in Turkey to recover the painting. Fans suspect that this storyline may pave the way for the exit that GH spoilers have hinted is on the way for actress Jane Elliot and her gig as Tracy this spring.

Jane Elliot plays Tracy Quartermaine on 'General Hospital'
Will Tracy's adventure to Turkey mean a permanent farewell to Port Charles on 'GH'? [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Jordan and Curtis have been dancing around one another for a while now, and GH teasers suggest that the two will take things to the next level soon. Jordan offered him the opportunity to return to being a police officer, but he decided that he wanted to stick with being a private investigator instead. There is more action involving the two of these coming up during Thursday’s show, and it sounds as if the sparks will continue to fly between them.

As the week wraps up, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will start an investigation, and it seems that she and Curtis will suspect that Julian might still be alive. Alexis is mourning his apparent death, but GH teasers have hinted that he’ll be back again relatively soon. Ingo Rademacher’s Jax is about to return to Port Charles, as well, and the buzz is that there is more about to come out regarding Nelle’s kidney and Jax’s involvement in the dramatic situation.

Is Ava’s life really at risk as the robbers at the Floating Rib make demands? What happens during the upcoming Turkish adventure that paves the way for Jane Elliot’s departure if the GH teasers regarding her impending exit are accurate? Just what happened to Jake when he was with Helena, and how will the truth impact Elizabeth, Franco, and Jason? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are some buzzworthy twists and turns on the way, and viewers will not want to miss where things head next.

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