WWE Rumors: Surprise Women’s Star To Win ‘WrestleMania 33’ Championship Match?

Could fans see a surprise winner emerge in one of the WWE Women’s championship matches at WrestleMania 33? Heading into the big professional wrestling pay-per-view, both the SmackDown and Raw editions of the women’s titles are on the line. Each match will feature multiple women’s superstars contending for Bayley and Alexa Bliss’ titles, making it tougher on the current champions. In one match, the latest favorite to win could surprise some WWE fans, so for those avoiding spoilers, it may be best to avoid reading on.

The WWE WrestleMania 33 rumors are running rampant with just about three days until the pay-per-view arrives. Some of the matches have been established over the past several months on WWE’s television shows while others are a bit more thrown together. The women’s championship matches each feature a good number of competitors in order to get all of the women’s division onto the pay-per-view card. It’s expected that one of the two titles will change hands once the dust has settled this Sunday in Orlando.

WWE SmackDown women's title picture
The WWE SmackDown women's title picture involves at least six women competing at WrestleMania 33. [Image by WWE]

The Betfair sports book is listing various odds for the upcoming pay-per-view, including the favorites to win both the Raw and SmackDown women’s title matches. For the Raw Women’s title, Bayley continues to stay as the favorite to head into WrestleMania and leave Orlando still the champion. She’ll have her hands full against the likes of former champs Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and a woman who has never won the title before in Nia Jax.

Meanwhile, the SmackDown Women’s title picture is what is bringing the intrigue right now. As fans saw and Pro Wrestling Sheet reported, Naomi is back. With the recent return of the former champ to the title picture, it now makes for five women battling for the championship belt. Alexa Bliss is the current champion, but she’ll put the belt up for grabs against every available woman on the SmackDown Live roster. That means Naomi, Natalya, Becky Lynch, Mickie James, and Carmella. Becky and Naomi are former champions when it comes to this particular title, while Natalya and Mickie have held other gold within WWE. Carmella has never held a title belt on the main roster.

So it may surprise fans to know that in fact, Carmella is currently the favorite to win this match at Betfair. She currently is listed at +100 moneyline odds to win the championship. That means any bet on Carmella pays out even money. For example, $100 would bring another $100 back with it, if Carmella wins the match. As of this report, Naomi was listed right behind her on the odds at +120, while current champion Alexa Bliss is listed at +800. That means she is a relatively big underdog to retain her title on “the grandest stage of them all.”

Keep in mind this is merely the betting odds, meaning that bettors are backing the “Staten Island Princess” to win. The fact that she’s got the assistance of James Ellsworth on the outside certainly could play into things. However, one has to wonder if Carmella has been backed because of her scoring the winning pinfall on SmackDown Live this past week in a women’s tag match.

Carmella Nikki Bella on SmackDown Live
Carmella has feuded with Natalya and Nikki Bella during her time on the SmackDown Live roster. [Image by WWE]

According to another report, Naomi is the favorite at a different sportsbook. The most logical outcome continues to favor Naomi to win back her championship in her home area of Orlando, Florida. Naomi was sidelined for about a month due to a minor injury and made her surprise return just last week on SmackDown Live, setting up what could be a huge WrestleMania moment for her and her fans. However, WWE is known for shocking the fans with decisions that don’t always make sense to help push newer stars. So Carmella could very well be gearing up for a major heel push to take the reins from Miss Bliss for a little while.

WWE fans, which of the women’s stars do you feel is going to win Sunday’s SmackDown Women’s title match at WrestleMania 33? Is Carmella ready for a run with the title, or is it better around the waist of one of the other women on the roster?

[Featured Image by WWE]