Jodie Sweetin’s Private Photos Could Leak Due To Her Ex-Fiance

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin could become the next victim of a photo leak. It’s all because of her ex-fiancé Justin Hodak, who has been arrested three times in the past nine days. He has been threatening to commit suicide and release her personal photos onto the internet. Now, Jodie is fighting back. She obtained a restraining order on Wednesday, March 29.

Jodie Sweetin can’t escape her ex-fiancé. The two released a statement earlier this month stating that have ended their engagement and asking for privacy. But Sweetin and Hodak have not received any privacy due to their ongoing battle. The actress has filed a request for a temporary restraining order, but only under the grounds that he uses firearms and consumes drugs, according to Celebrity Insider.

She is also trying to protect herself from public embarrassment, as he has threatened to leak personal photos of hers, according to a March 24 court filing.

“He threatened to sell potentially embarrassing photos of Sweetin that he has on his phone. Hodak shall not release to any other person, post on social media or website, sell, or otherwise publish any pictures of Jodie Sweetin in his possession.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Sweetin’s personal photos have surfaced. Miley Cyrus took it upon herself to share a throwback photo of the actress in her younger years that showed her straddling her ex-husband Cody Herpin, reports the Daily Mail. In another photo, the man admired Sweetin’s breasts as he held a cigarette.

The court papers also claim that Hodak has a history of alcohol and drug abuse but has been sober “for a time,” before the alleged incident took place, reports The application for the restraining order said Hodak has been using steroids that “made his temper worse” and on the night of the scary incident, he was “abusing alcohol and marijuana.”

According to Sweetin’s request for the restraining order, Hodak “screamed at Sweetin, using harshly abusive language” and “threatened to commit suicide if she made him leave. He then escalated that conflict by pulling down a seven-foot bookcase, which blocked the doorway to the room that Sweetin was in, effectively trapping her there.”

“He then took out a nine millimeter pistol, and threatened to use it. He later left the house, taking the weapon with him,” the request said.

jodie sweetin embarrassing photos
Jodie Sweetin fears that her "embarrassing" personal photos could surface. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for FIJI Water]

According to Us Weekly, Sweetin’s ex-fiancé was arrested on Monday, March 27 for violating the restraining order. This is Hodak’s third arrest in nine days. The 40-year-old was first arrested on Saturday, March 18, when Sweetin called the cops after he allegedly threatened to commit suicide.

Then, on March 24, Hodak was arrested when he violated an emergency protective order stemming from his first arrest. The LAPD told the news outlet that he “came back over to the residence which he was restrained from, and officers made contact, and he was arrested for violating a court order.”

jodie sweetin and justin hodak split
Jodie Sweetin and Justin Hodak called off their engagement. [Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company]

Later that day, Sweetin and Hodak announced they ended their relationship. Sweetin’s rep told Entertainment Tonight that the actress wanted privacy during this difficult time in her life. Sweetin’s fans know that she has led a wild and reckless life shortly after Full House ended in 1995. She admitted to being addicted to alcohol and having consumed hard drugs like cocaine and meth.

She even revealed that she abused alcohol when she was pregnant with her oldest daughter Zoie, who is now 8 years old. And, when Sweetin admitted that one time she was high off of cocaine when she made an anti-drug speech in April of 2007. She now claims to be over five years clean.

[Featured image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]