Taylor Swift Is Enjoying A Break From Instagram As She Works On Her New Album

Where in the world is Taylor Swift? Some reports have suggested that the singer, who hasn’t been seen publicly for several weeks, is “missing.”

According to online rumors, Taylor Swift’s whereabouts are unknown, but according to a report on Wednesday, the singer is perfectly safe and healthy as she continues to steer clear of social media while working on her upcoming album.

“[Taylor Swift] is loving her break from social media,” an insider told Hollywood Life on March 29. “She enjoys being connected with her fans, but she also struggles with the negativity and bullies that she deals with whenever she reads Instagram comments. She will be back to posting more regularly soon, but for now, she is really appreciating detoxing and being unplugged from some of the negative energy online.”

Taylor Swift was rumored to be releasing a new album in 2016 but despite the speculation, the year came and went with no new album from Swift. In fact, she appeared to take a break from her professional career completely as she spent time with her friends, including Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, and enjoyed a couple of romances.

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Taylor Swift began facing rumors of being “missing” after retreating from the public eye throughout the early months of this year. However, she was never missing. Instead, she’s been hard at work around the country on her new music.

“[Taylor Swift] has been splitting her time between NYC, Nashville and Los Angeles lately. Mostly spending her time in her studios in all three cities,” another source explained to Hollywood Life this week.

According to the report, Taylor Swift hasn’t been purposefully hiding out from fans — she’s been super busy in the studio as she records, edits and puts the finishing touches on her upcoming album.

“[Taylor Swift] is excited to deliver the best possible music to all of her fans,” the source continued. “Taylor has been working hard and she can’t wait to release new music. She laughs at the reports that she is missing and finds them hilarious!”

According to an E! News report, Taylor Swift was known to have performed during Super Bowl weekend in early February, but she hasn’t been spotted by the paparazzi since January 11.

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As for Taylor Swift’s New York City home, which has been her main residence for the past few years, the E! News report claimed no one has seen the singer at home — or anywhere nearby. That said, one fan of the single claimed to have seen her dancing in her car in Nashville and days later, she reportedly received a visit from her longtime friend Ed Sheeran in NYC.

As the outlet revealed, Sheeran was photographed at Taylor Swift’s apartment in Manhattan earlier this month but didn’t leave the residence with the singer.

In addition to her home in New York City, Taylor Swift is also believed to own homes in Nashville, Rhode Island, and Beverly Hills, California.

Taylor Swift has not yet confirmed a release date for her upcoming album, but according to Hollywood Life, she was dealt with plenty of inspiration for her new tracks throughout last year — especially after her split from actor Tom Hiddleston.

“[Taylor Swift] is handling things well and she is working on music and writing lyrics down all the time especially since she has been involved in so many recent high-profile news stories with [Tom Hiddleston or [Kanye West] and even the Super Bowl speculation,” the insider explained.

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