Is Tamar Braxton Pregnant? Baby Rumors Swirl Over ‘Big Announcement’

Could Tamar Braxton be pregnant with her second child?

Tamar’s fans think the singer may be about to announce that she’s pregnant with her second child with husband Vince Herbert after the reality star opened up about wanting a big family while teasing that she has a big announcement to come.

Braxton’s fans teased that the Braxton Family Values star will be making “two big announcements” very soon, which could potentially include a pregnancy.

Tamar is expected to make an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show on March 30, and according to Braxton fan @BraxtonFValues who posted a snap of Tamar, Vince and their three-year-old son Logan on the show, will be making two big announcements soon.

A clip of Braxton’s appearance on the show then leaked online ahead of her much-anticipated announcements and showed Tamar talking about motherhood and how she wants to have more children, which got many fans believing she could soon be ready to announce that she’s pregnant with her and Vince’s second child.

Are Tamar Braxton & Vince Herbert having another baby? Pregnant?
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Tamar told the doctor on the daytime show that she wants to have as many children as she can according to All Urban Media, while the Braxton Family Values also admitted that she wants to give her and Vince’s son Logan multiple siblings amid the pregnancy and baby speculation.

“Oh, it’s amazing. I wish I knew better back then when I kept saying, I don’t want any more kids or I’m not having any more kids… but, kids enrich your life so much, you know what I mean?” Tamar revealed on the show, adding that she thinks children “make things worthwhile.”

“They make you work harder and harder and harder, it’s that legacy for your kids,” Tamar Braxton continued while discussing family and children on the medical daytime show. “You know, I just want to have as many kids as I can. I wish I had the Partridge Family, I really do.”

Tamar’s fans have been speculating that Braxton could be gearing up to announce that she may be pregnant on social media for days now, though the speculation really ramped up after the sneak peek found its way online.

After hearing a preview of what Braxton will be talking about during her appearance on the show with her son and husband, fans began tweeting out their predictions that Tamar may be about to announce that she and Vince are expecting their second child.

Is Tamar Braxton Pregnant Again?
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“Yaasss I can’t wait for [Braxton Family Values] tomorrow I wonder Tamar will reveal. Possibly she’s pregnant!” Tamar fan @tamartian_lamb tweeted of Braxton’s announcement tease on March 29, while Twitter user @TPJOHNSON3 wrote, “I hope it’s Tamar is pregnant… that would be so special… I think they are wonderful parents.”

“Tamar is pregnant. I feel it,” Twitter user @Jay_Naturally added amid the baby speculation.

Tamar has not yet commented on fan’s speculation that she may be pregnant and expecting a second baby with husband Vince, though the latest round of baby rumors come shortly after the reality star admitted on Instagram that she wants to have a baby girl.

Though it’s not clear if Tamar’s post was a hint at a potential pregnancy, Braxton posted a clip of her face on a dancing bunny costume on March 27 while telling her more than 2.6 million followers on the social media site that she wants to become a mom to a daughter one day.

“I wish I had a baby girl,” Tamar Braxton captioned the video, but is yet to officially comment amid rampant speculation she could be pregnant with her second child.

Do you think Tamar Braxton may be about to announce that she’s pregnant?

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