Blake Shelton Responds To Cruel Death Hoax

Blake Shelton found himself the victim of a cruel death hoax this week after a fan set up a Facebook page claiming the country singer had died.

Rumors began to swirl that Blake may have passed away earlier this week after the Facebook page claiming that Shelton had died gained a whole lot of attention online, but fortunately, Shelton saw the funny side while dispelling the death claims on social media.

The fake Facebook page causing all the drama was reportedly titled “R.I.P. Blake Shelton” and, according to Gossip Cop, even went into detail about how Shelton had supposedly died on March 28 while encouraging fans to leave their memories and tributes to The Voice coach in the wake of what they claimed was his passing.

“At about 11 a.m. ET on Tuesday (March 28, 2017), our beloved singer Blake Shelton passed away,” the death hoax page read, adding that Shelton “will be missed but not forgotten.”

Though it’s thought that the fake Facebook page proclaiming Blake’s death has now been removed from the social media site, Gossip Cop reported that whoever set up the account then asked Shelton’s legions of fans to “please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.”

Blake Shelton responds to cruel Facebook death claims
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Many fans then did leave tributes to Blake on the Facebook page, as the outlet claimed that the death proclamation garnered a whole lot of attention as well as thousands of likes and message from fans in mourning.

However, as Blake noted on social media on March 29, the whole thing was completely fake.

Proving that he’s alive despite reports he had died on March 28, Shelton saw the funny side after a fan tweeted him a screen shot of an article headline that read, “Blake is gone 1976 – 2017,” while the by-line appeared to go into more detail of how Shelton had supposedly died.

“Sorry to hear that you died. LOL,” the Twitter user captioned the screen shot he sent to Blake amid fake rumors he had died. “This appeared on Facebook today.”

Blake Shelton then made it clear he’s still very much alive as he responded to the death hoax in a very Shelton-like way on his official Twitter account after girlfriend Gwen Stefani took to Snapchat earlier this week to confirm that she and the country star are currently spending some time in Oklahoma with her three children.

“Well s***…” Blake tweeted in response to rumors he had died earlier this week, which gained over 9,000 likes from his Twitter followers in the just over nine hours since Shelton dispelled the ridiculous death allegations.

Blake Shelton responds to
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Blake’s response caused fans to joke about the cruel death hoax on social media, sending Shelton tweets joking about the rumors he had died on March 28.

“Don’t you hate when you wake up dead?” Twitter user @MotherMaryOf3 replied after Shelton confirmed that he was not dead and is still very much alive, while Blake fan @JennMaybury joked on the social media site that Shelton was “looking damn good for a dead guy!!”

“You go to [Oklahoma] for a week and people think you’re dead. Ha!!!! Glad you’re still with us cowboy!” @southernmama02 added after Shelton confirmed that he isn’t dead on social media, as Twitter user @chivehockey joked of the Blake death hoax on the 140-character site, “imagine all of the cool s*** you can get away with now that your dead!”

Blake is still very much alive and well, as his tweet proved, and can next be seen on The Voice alongside girlfriend Gwen Stefani and fellow coaches Adam Levine and Alicia Keys when Season 12 commences its knockout rounds on April 3.

What do you think of Blake Shelton’s candid response to rumors claiming he was dead and had supposedly died on March 28?

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