Paris Jackson Had This To Say About Kendall Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Paris Jackson and Kendall Jenner have become fast friends. Now, Paris feels that she needs to defend Kendall Jenner amid the constant plastic surgery rumors that continue to follow her. Michael Jackson’s daughter took to Instagram on Wednesday, March 29, to defend Kris Jenner’s daughter from fans who slammed Kendall’s “natural beauty.” Paris probably felt the need to defend Kendall’s honor since they’re both models and are now good friends.

Kendall Jenner added Paris Jackson to her model crew. The two were spotted wearing green shirts while they were shopping at the flea market in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 26. Jenner and Jackson couldn’t be any more different with their sense of style.

The 21-year-old Jenner sister wore a bright green sweater with mom jeans. The self-proclaimed tomboy kept her weekend look simple. Jenner accessorized her look with retro sunglasses and white tennis sneakers and toted a multicolored Louis Vuitton bag. The 18-year-old Jackson wore a green peace shirt with torn boyfriend jeans. She paired her retro-style shades with a Rastafarian messenger bag and a brown sweatshirt tied around her waist.

According to a report via Entertainment Tonight, the girls were shopping around for antiques, vintage music, and other eclectic items.

“The girls seemed very comfortable with each other – joking around and talking a lot while shopping for records. They were hanging out like best buds.”

Paris had her eyes on a Thriller vinyl, but she decided to purchase a Beatles album instead. Kendall was seen carrying a mini brown shopping bag that was filled to the brim with goodies. Just a few days later, Paris took to Instagram to defend their growing friendship. As seen on the Instagram account called “paris.updates,” she fired back at a user who questioned Kendall’s beauty.

“Paris so much more ‘a natural beauty’ and the beautiful ‘girl nextdoor [sic],’ Kendall is already like ‘manufactured’ she looks more like a fixed doll sooo…plastic,” the user named Esmerelda Lopez wrote.

“To my knowledge she hasn’t gotten any procedures done so unless you know that for a fact I don’t think it’s fair to call her plastic,” Jackson wrote. “She definitely has that total natural beauty going on. Just my opinion.”

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This comes after Paris went on a rant about body hair, according to Refinery29. She took to her Instagram Story to explain that a growing number of people have complained about seeing her armpit hair in her photos and clips.

“I didn’t realize that people were going to get so upset over my armpit hair,” she’s heard saying. “I didn’t realize that was such an issue. It is so funny. People are really mad. I wish I could post some of these responses. You can just tell how angry and infuriated these people are.”

“I love hair, and sweat, and BO. I f***ing love it, I think it’s great,” Paris continued. “Some people think that it’s like super disgusting, especially on girls, but every human body does it. it’s natural. Get over it.”

“Two months,” she said, as she showed off her armpit hair. “It took me two months to grow that s**t. it’s not a lot, it’s really not, but I’m f***ing proud of it. Really proud. And so many people are so made.”

She followed up with another clip of her licking her armpit hair. In the caption, she told her haters to “deal with it.”

paris jackson on kendall jenner's plastic surgery rumors
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Paris Jackson has been making her mark this year. She’s been featured in a series of editorials and campaigns as she dips her toe into modeling. Paris announced that she has been signed with IMG Models. She’s also done good by Naomi Campbell, who told People Now she feels “in her gut” that Jackson will be a “brilliant” actress as well as model.

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