Arnold Schwarzenegger Needs To Work On His Parking

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s impressive car is a huge beast that immediately dominates any road it is on, but by the looks of things he needs to work on his parking technique.

Schwarzenegger clearly struggles to find a place to park his automobile when driving around. So on Thursday he had to revert to placing his car on most of the pavement in Los Angeles. Arnie’s huge Mercedes truck is a huge gas guzzler, and his purchase of the car was a surprise to people who voted for the 38th Governor of California as he signed a bill in office which made it hard for people to purchase such vehicles.

Mercede’s Benz describe this car, which is part of the Unimog range, as the perfect model to tackle , “The most extreme, arduous tasks, including : fighting forest fires, performing rescue operations during catastrophes or maintaining power supply lines.”

Schwarzenegger has owned the vehicle, which cost him around $250,000 to purchase, since August and the truck is huge in every area. It’s doors are 9 metres in the air, is thought to weigh over 14 tonnes and it’s wheels are 41 inches large too.

The action star has spent the last 12 months either, discussing various indiscretions he committed during his time in office, promoting his autobiography, entitled Total Recall, or defending the reputation of the 1990 film, after Colin Farrell’s remake tanked at the office.

Arnie has been committed several offences when parking his car since ending his tenure in government. A day after leaving his post as the governor of California, he was handed a parking ticket.