Former UFC Fighter Loses House To Thanksgiving Fire

former ufc fighter loses house

Former UFC fighter Dennis Hallman lost his house to a Thanksgiving fire, with the 36-year-old athlete reporting no injuries, but a total loss after the blaze ripped through his home.

News the former UFC fighter lost his house to the fire followed what may be a run of bad luck for Hallman, who in October was cut from the UFC after failing for a second time to make weight ahead of a scheduled fight with Thiago Tavares. At the time, Hallman commented:

“They are cutting me … Dana [White] gave me my show and win pay to help me deal with the mountain in front of me. Now I have to go make weight a couple times on the regional circuit. I’ll be back to the UFC though, I always am.”

Before the former UFC fighter lost his house to the fire, he admitted that personal difficulties were interfering with his ability to make weight and fight. He said:

“I’m having some personal issues at home … I’m not fit to fight. I told Dana [White] what my issues were. He understands family matters, and he was cool with me not fighting.”

Hallman told UFC fans about the Thanksgiving fire on his Facebook page, explaining that he is thankful for the lack of casualty and hinting that he sees the fire as a divine signal after his troubles earlier this year:

“Sad thanks giving for me and my family. My house burned down early this AM. Thank God no one was hurt and I have that to be thankful for.”

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“Something like this makes my recent direction change all the harder…the one person that could make me feel okay about everything is no longer here. When God wants you to have a fresh start sometimes he really wants to make his point clear.”

Damage to the UFC fighter’s house from the Thanksgiving fire, including the items within, topped $180,000.