Josh Murray Calls Cops On Amanda Stanton: What Went Down?

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have been through their fair share of drama since their split. These two fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise, then they got home, and Josh moved to live with her right away. They dated for a while and were even engaged, but then things didn’t work out for them. Josh moved back to Atlanta, but the two have been spending some together since then. Now In Touch Weekly is sharing that Josh Murray actually called the cops on Amanda recently.

Josh’s personal assistant Hayley Watts even confirmed that everything went down. She shared that police showed up at Amanda’s house and seized her car. This was all because Josh Murray bought the car for her, and he wasn’t happy that Amanda hadn’t been paying for it. It turns out that Josh has been asking for the $30,000 to pay off the Audi Q5 he bought her in October, but Amanda hasn’t done it. The source explained saying, “Amanda told Josh she wanted to work out the car situation when she got back from vacation. But instead of waiting any longer, he called the police the day she got home!”

Amanda’s ex Nick Buonfiglio is speaking out again, and he isn’t happy with what happened with Josh Murray because this affected his daughters. He thinks what Josh did was horrible, and the next day Nick was nice enough to go and help Amanda buy a new car so she could take their daughters to school each day. These two don’t look like they will be getting back together, but they do seem to get along for the sake of their children. Nick feels like this shows Josh Murray’s true character. He has made it pretty obvious that he is not a fan of Josh at all.

Just two weeks ago, Josh Murray spoke out about his relationship with Amanda Stanton, saying that things were complicated. It sounded like they were slowly working things out but calling the cops on her could totally derail that idea. They were seen kissing in February, and then in March, Josh shared what was going on with them.

“It’s complicated right now. I want to take things slow right now. There’s a lot to work on. There’s a lot that needs to change and we’re starting to work on that, so we’ll see what happens.”

At the time, Josh Murray even went on to explain what they needed to work on. He shared his thoughts.

“I’m a very big person of communication and talking about things. I think that’s a necessity in any kind of relationship to work out, you have to be able to talk about good things and bad things as well, so that’s something that we need to work on.”

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton fell in love on “Bachelor in Paradise.” You never know if they will be invited to come back to the show again this summer. It would be pretty crazy if they both ended up on there together. You know that it would be hard to see each other and watch the other person try to find love with someone else.

Are you shocked to hear that Josh Murray actually called the cops on Amanda Stanton? Do you feel like he took things too far? Sound off in the comment section below on your thoughts and don’t miss Bachelor in Paradise when it returns to ABC this summer.

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