‘Fatal Defense’: Lifetime Self-Defense Movie Thriller, Starring Ashley Scott

Fatal Defense is a thrilling new Lifetime movie that will premiere this weekend. It is an original thriller that is directed by John Murlowski and written by Steven Palmer Peterson. Lifetime TV’s Fatal Defense is about a single mother who signs up for self-defense classes after an almost-deadly home invasion threatens her life and the life of her child. It stars Ashley Scott, David Cade, Laurie Fortier, and Sherylin Fenn.

Fatal Defense 2017: Lifetime Movie: Synopsis

When Arden Walsh wakes up to a masked intruder in her dark bedroom, she literally fights for her life. Although she is physically assaulted, she survives the attack. But this home invasion is a wake-up call for Arden. This could have ended badly. Knowing that she has a child to protect, puts her into defense mode, so she’ll be ready to ward off the next attack in case the stranger returns.

To feel better, Arden confides in a friend that she is sick and tired of feeling weak and afraid. It is then that she makes the choice to take her life back by signing up to self-defense classes in her local town. The instructor, Logan Chase, is a handsome, no-nonsense martial arts teacher whom everyone thinks is too tough and a bit harsh.

This is just what Arden needs, someone who can whip her into physical shape in no time. With each class, she is becoming better and better as she utilizes the latest self-defense tactics. But there is something else that Logan is teaching her–how to use a life and death approach to battling the enemy. She thought he was harsh before. But now, it seems that his lessons are getting downright personal.

Before long, Logan positions himself as a man who has become totally obsessed with his newest student. Determined to push her to the brink, he makes her perform a series of very strenuous and dangerous routines to test how well she’s been paying attention in class.

But after his deadly techniques take a sinister turn, she fights back with all of her might. Arden is nobody’s victim. Not this time, especially now that it is clear that Logan has crossed the line between teaching and physical assault.

Somehow Arden has become enemy number 1, which makes her wonder whom she will have to use her moves on next. An intruder? Or will Arden have to take down her instructor?

Fatal Defense is not based on a true story. However, take a look at the two cases below. There is not much there. But the subject matter is interesting.

Self-Defense True Story

  • In 2011, a Richmond, Hill, self-defense instructor at the Tsunami Club got himself in hot water when he was charged with assaulting four of his students. The 57-year-old martial arts teacher, known as Viktor Sokolovski, was said to have used too much force in his classroom training with children ranging from 6-14. The case came to the attention of police after a female parent came forward with the complaint. The judge ended up throwing out the case against the Russian-born Judo master, Vancouver 24 Hours reported.
  • In 2016, David Isaiah Soto sexually assaulted two underage boys at Vidaurri Park in Texas. The 20-year-old was supposed to be teaching the boys’ self-defense classes. Instead, he lured them to another area of the park, where authorities say the assaults took place, according to My San Antonio.

Fatal Defense on Lifetime is produced by Maple Island Films and distributed by Daro Film. Filming took place in Los Angeles, California. According to the Internet Movie Database, the executive producers of Fatal Defense are Pierre-Andre Rochet and Jason Schmid.

Watch Fatal Defense on the Lifetime Channel this Saturday, April 1, at 8/7 p.m. Central. Last week, Lifetime viewers enjoyed the movie Stalker’s Prey.

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