‘General Hospital’ Rumor: Is Griffin’s Dad Not Duke? A Twist Coming? [Spoilers]

Many things are coming to light on General Hospital when it comes to Anna Devane. She has been a beloved character on the soap for many years and has raised her daughter Robin on the show as well. She is a WSB agent, but that has had its complications along the way. Now there is yet another one that may just have a twist in all of this, and it could involve Griffin Munro.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Anna got slapped in the face by something that Valentin Cassadine told her. To figure out what her past has been with him, Anna has been doing some digging. Thanks to Liesl Obrecht and Faison, she got hold of some info that was disturbing, but it also made some sense. What didn’t make much sense was when Valentin told her that she slept with him long ago after she tried to tell him her theory about being a double agent. Soaps She Knows spoilers for the rest of this week says Anna will be shocked by what he just told her and he is expected to tell her the rest of what happened between them.

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Where does Griffin Munro fit into all of this? He has only been in Port Charles for a year now, and It was discovered months ago that he was Duke Lavery’s son. This was unknown to him until after his mother died when she revealed it in a letter. It came as a shock to Anna, but she had embraced Griffin as Duke’s son and as a good friend.

Now the rumor has been floating around that she is actually Griffin’s mother. If this were to happen, General Hospital fans always assumed that he would be the child that she and Duke lost. However, this all comes into question now that Valentin Cassadine spilled the beans that he had a fling with Anna years ago.

Of course, he may not be telling her the truth as he has been playing a cat and mouse game since he came to town last year, but this reveal could really make some sense. If the writers do go with Anna being Griffin’s real mother, then there is a good possibility that his daddy could actually be Valentin, not Duke. That would definitely throw a twist into this already complicated story line.

Griffin loves the fact that he is Duke’s son. This would change things up in his life having a villain as his father. He hates the guy right now with him keeping Charlotte away from her mother, Lulu, as well as him tormenting Anna since he came to Port Charles. This would definitely be a little strange if this were true because he would then be Charlotte’s big brother. He once thought that he was her daddy until it was revealed that Claudette was just playing games trying to keep her real dad away from her.

Most General Hospital fans love the idea of Anna becoming Griffin’s real mother since they already have a solid relationship. Plus he would be Robin’s brother as well, but changing up who his father is would be quite an interesting concept. Is this the one thing that Anna blocked out? You would think that she would have known if she had a baby. Or maybe the WSB took care of things when she became pregnant. The child was raised by Margaret Munro, but then that letter only came to Griffin once she had passed away and Duke was gone as well.

This whole mess with Valentin Cassadine will have Anna feeling a lot of regret about her past, as Soap Central has revealed for the coming days on ABC’s General Hospital. She is not the same person as she was back then, but it has now come back to haunt her, and it may also come back to haunt Griffin Munro as well.

What are your thoughts on this? Are the writers gearing up to have it revealed that Griffin is not Duke’s son, but Valentin’s child? Be sure to watch General Hospital to find out what will happen between Anna and Valentin after he reveals the rest of the story.

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