Lady Gaga Admits LGBT+ Issues Are A ‘Touchy Subject’ For Her

Lady Gaga has admitted that LGBT+ issues are a “touchy subject” for her but ended up confusing and even enraging members of the LGBT+ community.

Lady Gaga, who has previously suggested that she is bisexual, has just seemingly backtracked on herself being a member of the LGBT+ community.

Lady Gaga had an emotional conversation on Drag Race last Friday, but she ended up confusing everyone about her relationship with the LGBT+ community. In what seemed like an empowerment speech, Lady Gaga revealed that “the gay men in my life helped me to become a woman,” according to Advocate.

“I don’t know that a lot of people would understand that but it’s because of what you’ve been through ― you survived so much that you inspire me to continue surviving.”

But then Lady Gaga said the phrase that made many of her fans pause for a second. The “Bad Romance” singer said she is “not a gay woman,” a phrase that stood in stark contrast to Lady Gaga publicly coming out as a bisexual in 2009.

But that wasn’t the only thing said by Lady Gaga during the interview that landed her in hot water. The “Million Reasons” hitmaker said that it’s a “touchy subject” when people question if she has what it takes to stand up for LGBT+ people while not “necessarily” being “fully part of that community.”

While it’s now clear that Lady Gaga doesn’t identify herself as “fully” part of the LGBT+ community and says she’s not a gay woman, there is no telling if Lady Gaga changed her sexuality over the past eight years, she wants to re-closet herself, or she lied about being bisexual for marketing purposes in the first place.

Shortly after publicly coming out as bisexual in her 2009 interview with Barbara Walters, Lady Gaga confessed that it was her romantic attraction to women that inspired her 2008 hit single “Poker Face.” Interestingly, Lady Gaga’s bisexual claims gave birth to public skepticism about the singer’s sexuality. Those who didn’t believe the “Perfect Illusion” singer was a member of the LGBT+ community said she publicly came out for marketing purposes.

But Lady Gaga shut down the speculation. Addressing a crowd during a 2013 Artpop release party in Berlin, Lady Gaga called the speculation that she might be lying about being bi for marketing a “f***ing lie.”

“This is who I am and who I have always been.”

Lady Gaga’s public statement addressing the speculation seemingly convinced not all, but the majority of sexuality skeptics.

However, it makes the whole thing no less confusing that Lady Gaga, who’s currently dating Christian Carino and last year ended her engagement to ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney, has never had a public relationship with a woman.

In recent years, Lady Gaga has seemingly distanced herself from her LGBT+ identity. Last year, the “Million Reasons” singer gave a heart-wrenching speech at a rally mourning the victims of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting. Lady Gaga referred to herself at the time as one of the LGBT+ community’s “allies.”

“I hope you know that myself and so many are your allies.”

But being an ally and a member are two completely different things. Imagine the uproar in the media if U.S. President Donald Trump started identifying the the U.S. as an “ally” of NATO, not a member of it.

One can argue that Lady Gaga refusing to identify herself as “fully” part of the LGBT+ community may be her attempt to publicly avoid biphobia or because she perceives herself being a bisexual as something shameful and is backtracking on her sexuality claims in 2009. However, that would clearly contradict Lady Gaga’s efforts as one of the most influential voices to empower the LGBT+ community. Whatever is the case, Lady Gaga has the right to identify herself however she feels, even if her identification may change over time.

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