Cynthia Bailey Reveals How The Cast Of ‘RHOA’ Played A Major Role In Her Divorce

Cynthia Bailey of The Real Housewives of Atlanta sat down with People and opened up about her divorce from Peter Thomas. Bailey said several of the Real Housewives of Atlanta women have gone through divorces themselves and have been a huge source of compassion and support for her. Cynthia said she went into Season 9 with high spirits.

“… None of my cast mates really came at me about my divorce. They let me be and left me alone about it, which was kind of unexpected and kind of awesome. I just was in a space where people felt like they won’t even go there with me.”

cynthia bailey peter thomas divorce
Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas in 2012 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. [Image by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images]

Bailey and Peter Thomas’s divorce appeared to have gone very smooth according to most Real Housewives Of Atlanta viewers — and according to Cynthia, it did. Real Housewives fans can recall the many divorce’s throughout the 11 years that the franchise has been on the Bravo television network — yet, no other split has gone as amicably as Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas.

Fans wondered if their romantic relationship is truly over. Bailey opened up about what it’s been like watching her divorce play out to millions on television. Peter and Cynthia got married in January of 2011, during the show’s third season. As viewers will recall, there was a ton of conflict surrounding Cynthia and Peter’s big day. Fast forward to 2016 where Bailey told People that she and Peter were not in a good place.

“I will say that Peter are not in a great place right now. Honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen with us right now, we’re still trying to figure it out. But, you know, it’s complicated.”

As viewers have noticed, Cynthia and Peter have been extremely close after their divorce. The duo has been so friendly that they went on a couple’s trip to Hawaii together. People magazine asked Cynthia if they would ever consider getting back with her ex-husband and she said, “that ship has sailed.”

I know it seemed like we just decided to go to Hawaii together, but I was invited by Kandi and he was invited by Todd. We had an amazing time together.”

The Real Housewives couples on the trip teased Peter and Cynthia relentlessly and many wondered if the two got intimate while on the trip. While in Hawaii, Bailey said the couple was still “technically married,” so if she “wanted to take one last lap around the pool, it’s not like it would be that big of a deal.”

Cynthia said she just wanted to set clear boundaries between herself and Peter. Cynthia said she didn’t want to rattle the friendship they maintained after the divorce and said, “… Had I been I asked, I would have graciously declined to keep things uncomplicated.”

The Bailey Agency founder said she a Peter are currently on good terms and she’s pleased with the way they both handled the divorce. Bailey said she didn’t want to be “mean, or ugly, or ratchet about it.” Cynthia said she accepted the circumstances of her divorce considering she made the choice to be married to Thomas.

“I was happy for many years in my marriage and a lot of great things came out of my marriage. I’m good, we’re good.”

Bailey added that Peter is incredibly supportive in her career. So much so, that he happily helps her to promote her Cargo line. “Peter can definitely be a model for the older [customers] of the Cargo line. I think Peter looks great — he represents the products well.”

On a more recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia gives Peter the birthday gift of a bedazzled bible. People magazine asked the model what the story was behind the present. Cynthia said wanted to give Peter an appropriate gift that he could always keep with him.

“… I thought, ‘What is the best book in the world?’ I just turned 50 and I’m in a very spiritual place at this point — a rebirth, if you will. So I decided to give him a very beautiful signed Bible.”

Cynthia said Peter was “a little lukewarm” about the gift. Bailey said her intentions were good and she thought it was a nice gift, something Peter could keep forever.

“… Who doesn’t like a Bible? And it was a nice Bible! I made sure it was fancy and had jewels and stuff on it. All in the spirit of positivity!”

Bailey agreed with People at how smooth the divorce went and said it could be the “classiest reality TV divorce in history. Is there an award for that?”

It is the model’s seventh season on the show and she and Peter got married on RHOA during her first season. Bailey said it is interesting to see her union with Peter come full circle. Bailey said she thought going through the process of a divorce in “real life” while she was on the show would be hard for her. However, Cynthia said she knew that a divorce was a better option than staying in a relationship with someone she wasn’t happy with.

Cynthia said she is particularly proud of how she handled herself throughout her divorce from Peter. Bailey said she made a conscious decision to serve her life’s purpose and is happy to have taken the high road.

Bailey said she has actually received feedback from a happily married woman who said she and her husband they were going through a divorce, they would do it the “Cynthia Bailey style.”

“I don’t want to be the poster child for great divorces. But I set a pretty great example to be in a marriage with someone and give it all I had and when it didn’t work out, to get out of that situation and still have the same respect for that person.”

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