‘The Challenge Invasion’ Spoilers: Will Johnny Bananas Or Darrell Be Eliminated?

The Challenge Invasion left fans on a major cliffhanger after the March 28 episode, leaving it up in the air whether Johnny Bananas or Darrell will be eliminated — but the answer may already have been revealed with some online spoilers.

Fans who really want to know what happened may not have to wait a full week, with some spoilers from The Challenge Invasion floating around as to which of the two ends up going home (the spoilers can be found below).

The two were pitted in a final battle on Tuesday’s episode, which ended without giving any kind of closer to fans. The down-to-the-wire episode also brought thousands of fans to the internet, with The Challenge Invasion becoming one of the top trends on Twitter during the episode and fans weighing in on whether they think Johnny Bananas or Darrell will end up going home.

The showdown between Johnny Bananas and Darrell also got quite a bit of hype from MTV both during and after the March 28 episode of The Challenge Invasion. Tuesday’s episode already had quite a bit of drama, with the six remaining competitors on the Champions team knowing they could only spare one male and female from the elimination round.

The final faceoff between Johnny Bananas and Darrell came after the Underdogs won in the “Fallout” challenge, leaving CT and Camila with safety and the two successful male competitors to duke it out. Together the two have 10 wins between them, MTV noted, but only one would remain in the competition after Tuesday.

“I’ve gone up against some heavy hitters, but Darrell is the full package,” Bananas said (via MTV).

“He’s very smart, he’s got a ton of stamina and he’s strong as a bull. This is gonna be my toughest test yet.”

“It’s pretty evenly matched between me and Bananas, but I think I’m a little hungrier,” Darrell added.

“He’s been doing these so much, you kind of lose that hunger. I’ve been gone for awhile, and I came back to compete and win.”

While MTV hasn’t hinted whether Johnny Bananas or Darrell won on The Challenge Invasion, things didn’t look great for Johnny Bananas when the episode ended. The elimination round was called “Balls In” and required the competitors to sink shots into a barrel in the middle of a ring while their opponent could do anything they needed to keep it out. Darrell took the lead as the episode drew closer to the end, putting Johnny Bananas in a must-score situation in order to keep from being eliminated.

[WARNING: Potential The Challenge Invasion spoilers below.]

So, what do the spoilers say about whether Johnny Bananas or Darrell gets eliminated on The Challenge Invasion? According to the site Vevmo — which has a pretty solid track record of the other eliminations to date — Johnny Bananas isn’t able to pull off the comeback and ends up being eliminated by Darrell.

Others have noted that previews from later in the season reveal that Darrell has remained in the competition while Bananas is nowhere to be seen.

But viewers who want to know for sure whether Johnny Bananas or Darrell got eliminated on The Challenge Invasion will have longer to wait. The end of the competition won’t be shown until the next episode, which airs Tuesday, April 4, at 9 p.m. ET.

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