Apple Source Code Requested For Fifth Time By Motorola

James Johnson

Apple has continually failed to meet its promise and supply Mac OS X and iOS source code to Google-owned Motorola Mobility, and now the company is being asked for its code once again in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Motorola asked for the code so it can perform infringement analysis against the company's desktop and mobile operating systems. Motorola first made its request for Apple source code on May 30. Motorola then asked specifically for iOS 6 source code permissions on August 7, October 25, and again on November 6.

In its last request, Motorola asked that Apple provide a specific date for handing over its open source code for full patent analysis.

The newest complaint from Google states that Apple has promised to provide the code repeatedly but missed deadlines set for September 21 and November 8.

The latest promise date is about to expire on November 30, 2012.

Motorola argues that Apple has had more than enough time to provide the code following the four month old release of OS X Mountain Lion and the two month old release of Apple's iOS 6 mobile platform.

The mobility firm notes that it needs the code sometime before December 14 to determine if the iPhone 5 and/or iPad mini should be included in its lawsuit against patent infringing Apple products.

Motorola and Google are currently fighting Apple in a Munich court. Apple is claiming that Motorola has infringed on its photo gallery page-flipping patent. The company's page-flipping patented worked to score an injunction against Samsung in August 2011.