Bill O’Reilly: Maxine Waters’ Hair A ‘James Brown Wig,’ Says ‘Right On’ [Video]

Today Bill O’Reilly learned why he should never call Maxine Waters’ hair a “James Brown wig,” as seen in the below video. And not only did O’Reilly learn about the kind of backlash that can come from Maxine’s supporters when a guy like Bill dogs out Waters’ hair as a “James Brown wig,” Bill seems to have learned not to speak about any woman’s hair in a negative manner.

As seen in the above video, Maxine was making an impassioned speech about racism and not assuming that one particular race of people inherently owns rights to the U.S. more than another race of people. As the video of Waters speaking played, O’Reilly could be seen given a “power to the people” type of fist raised salute and mouthing the words, “Right on.”

After the video of Waters finished playing, O’Reilly quipped that he didn’t hear a word of Maxine’s serious and impassioned speech because Bill was supposedly too distracted by Waters’ “James Brown wig” on her head. Whereas some of the male members of the Fox News panel laughed loudly and guffawed over O’Reilly’s joke, it fell flat with others. The female Fox News anchor defended Waters, saying that Maxine’s hair looked pretty and that Bill must have believed that James Brown had girly hair if O’Reilly was intent upon comparing Maxine’s hair to that of Brown’s hair.

The backlash was pretty swift, given all the controversy that followed Bill’s comments, and the onslaught of articles that were published in the wake of O’Reilly’s comments. There was the piece titled “The Internet to Bill O’Reilly: Leave Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hair out of this” by the Los Angeles Times.

Then there was the mea culpa chronicled in the article titled “Bill O’Reilly Apologizes for Calling Maxine Waters’ Hair a ‘James Brown Wig’” by Variety. O’Reilly claimed to have the utmost respect for Waters and said that he believes Maxine is sincere in her beliefs. However, O’Reilly’s comments about Waters are being called too little of an apology and too late for some folks who believe Bill disrespected Maxine beyond repair, especially in light of not knowing if Maxine actually wears a wig, and if so, if women like Waters don wigs to cover hair loss, which is a serious issue for many women who choose to wear wigs.

The segment of Fox & Friends has reverberated around the world wide web and is gaining a plethora of responses and backlash. “Go straight to hell,” Angela Rye said to O’Reilly, as reported by Raw Story. O’Reilly’s joke about Maxine’s hair is being called “openly racist,” as reported by BuzzFeed News.

A sampling of the comments that O’Reilly is receiving in the wake of the Waters “James Brown” snafu or wig faux pas can be read below.

“That’s weird because I can never hear what O’Reilly is saying because of Trumps c*** in his mouth.”

“What a bunch of sleazy fake news fabricators here! Maxine Waters has more integrity in her fingernail than this bunch has amongst them all.”

“Bill O’Reilly should be ashamed of himself and shame on those cohosts for letting him get away with that childish nonsense!!”

“A wig is better than O’Reilly’s male pattern baldness which is an actual disease.”

The above photo shows Rep. Waters, D-Calif., and Fox News personality O’Reilly on the set of his show, The O’Reilly Factor.

The backlash against Bill in speaking about Maxine’s hair in a negative manner shows no signs of slowing down soon. O’Reilly will likely never speak about Maxine’s hair again in public.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell, left, and Richard Drew/AP Images]