Kenya Moore On Matt Jordan And Abuse: ‘My Failures Are My Successes’

Kenya Moore claims to be a strong and powerful woman, who can take care of herself. And she wants to show this on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, even a strong and confident woman can get caught up in some drama with a man, and this is exactly what happened to her on this season of the show. Kenya started dating Matt Jordan last year and while the relationship was perfect to begin with and they were talking about having a baby together, things quickly unfolded when he became possessive. On this season of the show, Moore has been dealing with abuse and scary incidents where Matt would act out.

According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore is now revealing that it is sobering to watch the episodes now, almost six months after they were filmed. Of course, Kenya has been mocked by her co-stars, especially Sheree Whitfield, over the abusive behavior exhibited by Matt. Kenya has been vocal about domestic abuse, saying that it is nothing to joke about. But Sheree can’t help it but point to the fact that Kenya may have provoked it. Kenya, on the other hand, sees everything as a huge lesson.

“Watching myself tonight from 6 months ago… realizing my failures are my successes, my regrets are my lessons and my life is immensely blessed. I thank God everyday for my life. I wish you all love and happiness. We all deserve to be loved. Don’t ever settle #KenyaMoore #RHOA,” Kenya Moore revealed on her Instagram page, according to Bravo, while watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta this past Sunday.

Breathe it gets better. Have a beautiful day #teamtwirl

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Of course, Kenya had a confrontation with Matt, who had shown up to one of her events. During Sunday’s episode, he revealed that they had sex just days prior in his car. This was something Kenya Moore hadn’t disclosed to viewers, and it did seem like she was leading him on. He really wanted to work things out, and she was speaking to him as if he was a lost puppy and needed emotional help to move on.

But Moore hasn’t provoked Matt throughout the entire season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so some of the things that Sheree has brought up are indeed outlandish. In Charlotte, Jordan lashed out and physically hit a driver as Kenya was in the car with him. She was rattled and scared of him and contemplated getting the police involved, as she feared for her safety. He had texted her not to get the police involved, which was a scary message in itself.

“I was shocked, because it happened so fast. I have never seen him strike anyone. I knew he was angry because he drove hours to get there when his ticket was cancelled. After reading his texts, I didn’t know his state of mind, so I didn’t want any altercation,” Kenya Moore wrote in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta after Matt confronted her and hit her driver when they were in Charlotte for Peter Thomas’ club opening.

“When Matt approached the car, I didn’t think it would end well. He looked inside the car and then the driver rolled the window up on him while his head was still inside. It happened so fast. I was relieved that he walked away and it didn’t escalate,” Moore reveals, adding, “It’s hard to watch these scenes and was even harder for me to live through them as this was a man I was in love with.”

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s Instagram post about moving on and seeing these incidents as successes? Do you think these two will ever get back together?

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