Olivier Martinez Hits Liquor Store At 7AM After Gabriel Aubry Fisticuffs

After the Thanksgiving slapfest between Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry ex Gabriel Aubry last night, both men were both briefly hospitalized and Aubry arrested — meanwhile, Olivier Martinez hit up the liquor store in the early morning hours after the knock-down, drag-out.

As we reported earlier, Olivier Martinez, 46, and Gabriel Aubry, 36, got into it when the latter showed up at the home of Martinez’s fiance Berry yesterday.

Reportedly, Olivier tried to keep the peace and Aubry wasn’t having it, with the French-Canadian throwing the first punch before the pair began to spar in earnest.

When all was said and done, Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry both had to visit the ER for injuries sustained in the kerfuffle — though staff made sure to separate the men by several rooms to ensure no further injury resulted.

But while Aubry was arrested on a battery charge and released on $20,000 bail, Olivier Martinez was released and probably had a thought many of us would consider in such a stressful situation — man, I need a drink.

halle berryUs Weekly spotted the soon-to-be Mr. Halle Berry at a Hollywood liquor store in the pre-breakfast hours on Black Friday, perhaps snagging some shopping day deals on bourbon, whiskey and gin. The mag reports:

“Olivier Martinez was photographed heading into Gil Turner’s, a Los Angeles liquor store, at the early hour of 7 a.m. on Friday Nov. 23; picking up some essential liquid supplies, the French actor, 46, sported a noticeably swollen right hand.”

Olivier Martinez and Berry got together in 2011 — and a judge recently ruled that the Oscar winner cannot move to France with the daughter she shares with Aubry, Nahla.