Are Sharna Burgess & Bonner Bolton Dating? Their Undeniable Chemistry Explained

Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton are probably one of the hottest pairs in Dancing with the Stars as the duo performs steamy waltz that further showcases their undeniable chemistry.

The DWTS pair is now being plagued with rumors and speculations about the real score between them, with fans wondering why they look absolutely adorable together both on and off the dance stage.

In fact, the 29-year-old bull rider and 31-year-old dance expert became front and center of a “crotch grabbing” incident, one that they have long since explained. Even so, Sharna and Bonner remained glued to each other everywhere they go, thereby fueling rumors that they are dating.

Before Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton took the DWTS stage with their very own waltz version on Monday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, the pair shared an image over social media showing their preparations that looks so much like love birds.

In the post, Sharna admits at how Bolton’s skills at waltzing astounded her, exclaiming, “This cowboy can waltz!!!”

“He tells me it’s because it reminds him of the Texas two step… so this dance is inspired by exactly that and the culture surrounding it. He’s worked his butt off and is on track to kill it tomorrow.”

What is interesting in the post, though, is the fact that Burgess shrugged off the “controversy,” which Entertainment Tonight believes refers to the unintentional crotch grab incident last week. After getting ahold of Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton before the show, ET queried on how they plan on making sure that the incident does not happen again.

“It got a lot of attention, that’s for sure,” Bonner admitted, adding that he is “definitely going to be more cautious of where my hands are.”

Adding some humor to the conversation, Bonner said, “obviously, I don’t know what to do with my hands,” and then suddenly became serious about it.

“It’s really… it was so unintentional and I have all the respect on and off the dance floor for this young lady, so it’s totally cool.”

Sharna, on the other hand, stuck to a few words to support her partner’s comments, saying, “We’re good. It’s alright.”

Of course, Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton didn’t get off that easily as rumors about them dating continue to swirl. This time, it was Sharna’s turn to talk. She explained that, while they admit that they have been having fun in the competition which may be why they have such good chemistry, their top most priority is to get “Bonner through this competition as far as he can possibly go.”

Bonner then pitched in his thoughts, saying that he and Sharna “have a lot in common” and have similar personalities, which can sometimes be a hindrance to them as he sometimes gets on her nerves because of it.

But while they deny any dating rumors during the competition, Bonner didn’t exactly state that there won’t be any Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton romance happening in the future.

“I’m gonna have to see where that one goes, and take that into consideration, but we’ll just leave that a mystery.”

After their performance on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars episode, Bonner Bolton revealed that he is dedicating the dance to honor a family member who no longer has the capacity to do the same, per People.

“It felt great. I was really in love with this dance — the steps. It’s a lot like the dance I come from — the Texas two-step — and I’d like to dedicate it to my uncle, who’s in a wheelchair from a bad horse accident last year,” he said before sharing something a bit more detailed about his uncle that brought tears of joy to some members of the audience.

“I know if he could, he’d be slow-dancing with his wife Vicki right now.”

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