Jets QB Mark Sanchez Knocked Down By Own Lineman’s Butt [Video]

Mark Sanchez runs into lineman's butt

Before yesterday, Tim Tebow was the butt of all Jets-related jokes. This morning, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez quite literally takes on that dubious distinction after being knocked down by his own lineman’s butt during last night’s game against the New England Patriots.

The ass-ault occurred roughly halfway through the second quarter, with the Jets first and 10 on offense. Thus far in the game, The Jets had not managed to score any points, which in-and-of itself isn’t much of a surprise. Unfortunately, Sanchez managed to single-handedly give New England a touchdown, bringing the score 20-0 Pats.

At “hike,” Sanchez strangely makes a run right for his lineman’s butt, knocking himself onto his back, and fumbling the ball. The ball is then recovered by the Patriots who bring it all the way to the end-zone.

The best part of the clip is the aftermath of the botched play. Everyone looks confused. Sanchez looks incredibly disappointed. The Patriots appear pleasantly surprised.

NBC plays the clip back twice, showing Sanchez making a b-line for lineman butt and being taken down in glorious slow motion.

Adding insult to injury, the Jets were spanked 49-19 in the game.

Responding to calls to install Tim Tebow as the Jets’ primary quarterback before the Jets/Pats game, Coach Rex Ryan stated:

“Tim Tebow came here to be the backup quarterback. We never brought him in here, to be the starting quarterback. We already had a starting quarterback in Mark Sanchez. I thought I was clear on that from the day we brought Tim in here. But what we were also clear on is that he’s a football player and we’re going to use him in different roles.”

We wonder what his chances are now?

Here’s the video of Mark Sanchez being knocked out by his lineman’s butt. Due to a song playing over the clip, we have to add an NSFW warning: