Cyber Monday Deals 2012: The Sales Are On Now

Cyber Monday Deals 2012: The Sales Are On Now

Cyber Monday deals 2012; the sales are on now! Brick-and-morter retailers like Walmart typically do not announce their best Cyber Monday deals ahead of time since that would compete with their existing in-store doorbusters. But many online only retailers like have been celebrating a Black November with Cyber Monday deals starting today as a Cyber Weekend. While it is possible that some online retailers may be reserving the best doorbuster online deals for Monday, it is also possible that waiting may not pay off.

In order to track the best Cyber Monday deals of 2012 it is recommended to turn to your smartphone or tablet. Companies like Walmart, Macy’s, and Target have developed special Black Friday and Cyber Monday mobile apps featuring exclusive deals and store maps.

Smart shopper may also want to wait for certain items. As The Inquisitr previously reported, HDTVs are not a good buy during this time of the year. The best time for deals is actually January, right before the Super Bowl. Other good tips are to wait on buying toys until two weeks before Christmas, buy jewelry during the spring and summer, and do not buy seasonal items, or clothing, which are marked up.

I personally found that patience can be a virtue last night on Thanksgiving Day. My wife and I decided at the last minute to check out the early Black Friday sales at Target. The lines were horrendous, stretching across the entire store, and would require hours of waiting. We decided to try and buy some Blu-ray movie deals for family members, but when we used our smartphones to shop online we found we would be saving only one dollar even after shipping costs. Needless to say, we left Target shortly later.

We were not the only ones to find out that online deals are likely to be much better. According to NBC, IBM Benchmark reported that total online sales for Thanksgiving rose more than 17 percent compared to 2011.

“We’ve absolutely seen this whole weekend turn into one big promotional event,” said Jay Henderson, strategy director for IBM Smarter Commerce. “Black Friday deals are no longer just for the [brick-and-mortar] store, and Cyber Monday deals are no longer just for Monday.”

The Cyber Monday Deals 2012 are expected to break records. Andrew Lipsman, an industry analyst at data tracking firm ComScore, said he expects sales for the one-day Cyber Monday shopping event to be around $1.5 billion this year. That’s up from his calculations of $1.3 billion in 2011. The Adobe Marketing Cloud uses predictive analytics technology and they are predicting Cyber Monday sales for 2012 to reach $2 billion, growing by 18 percent year-over-year.