Kate Middleton News: Kate Breaks Royal Traditions With Prince George’s School

Kate Middleton has often been described as a breath of fresh air for the royal family, someone who does things a little differently from how they’ve always been done. She’s known for making choices for the way Prince George and Princess Charlotte are raised that mean they will not walk quite the same well-trodden royal path of past princes.

According to Vogue, Kate Middleton and Prince William have now surprised royal watchers with another decision concerning their children. Middleton’s news that Prince George will not be attending the same educational institution that Prince William attended was completely unexpected and a “major surprise.”

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors abound, but Middleton is more concerned with getting George on the right path than with becoming pregnant in 2017.
Kate Middleton prepares to show off her rugby skills in Paris. [Image by Arthur Edwards-Pool/Getty Images]

Kate and Prince William have already confirmed plans to move to London’s newly renovated Kensington Palace this fall, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may also be joining them. Previous stories suggested that the Cambridges would register Prince George in nearby Wetherby, an all-boys school that Diana and Prince Charles chose for William and Harry.

Prince William and Prince Harry attended an all boys school, but William and Kate's son will go to a co-educational school
Prince George holds Prince William's hand while on royal tour. [Image by Andrew Milligan /Getty Images]

Whatever Kate’s original thoughts were, the palace has now made an official announcement about a completely unexpected educational institution. Instead of Wetherby Pre-Preparatory for boys, “the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced that Prince George will attend Thomas’s Battersea School.”

Thomas’s is reasonably convenient to Kate and William’s new London base, although not as close as Wetherby. Prince George will have a 30-minute car ride every morning to get to his classes.

“Their Royal Highnesses are delighted to have found a school where they are confident George will have a happy and successful start to his education.”

The Express reports that George will learn a lot more than his ABCs at Thomas’s Battersea. Kate and Prince William are both very concerned that their children learn to be good human beings, and the choice of school for George certainly reflects that concern. The school’s website makes their attitude towards children’s education clear. Academic achievement is important, but not at the expense of simple human values.

“Whilst we are proud of our record of senior school entrance and scholarship successes, we place a greater emphasis on a set of core values, which include kindness, courtesy, confidence, humility and learning to be givers, not takers.”

There’s something very touching about the idea that Princess Diana’s grandson will be learning kindness in his daily lessons. March 31 is National Kindness Day in the United Kingdom, a special day inspired by Diana’s extraordinary compassion for others and her commitment to truly being the people’s princess. Her influence on William and Harry is far-reaching, and there’s no question that Kate Middleton is following in Diana’s ways.

Kate Middleton cares deeply about helping others
Kate Middleton chats with a mother and child at a Heads Together mental health event. [Image by Heathcliff O'Malley/Getty Images]

The co-educational aspect of the learning center is something unprecedented in the royal family. Heirs to the throne have always received their education either privately, or entirely with other boys. Queen Elizabeth was famously taught at home and only studied the constitution.

Her children had a wider education, and Diana did her best to make life normal for William and Harry but didn’t go so far as sending them to a co-educational place for classes when they were little. Kate Middleton met William while they were both students at university, and Middleton is the first royal bride to have a university education.

It’s very likely that Middleton and William hope to send Princess Charlotte to Thomas’s Battersea in a few years, and if the persistent Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors ever turn out to be true, Kate’s third and even fourth child may follow George and Charlotte.

Thomas’s Battersea includes ballet in the curriculum, as well as art, music, drama, and PE, all taught by “specialist teachers from a pupil’s first day in the classroom.” Diana’s love of dance was well-known, and the Princess of Wales would have loved the opportunity to let William and Harry take ballet lessons. If Middleton chooses ballet as part of George’s classes, he will wear “tights and black shoes,” and he will have a very special way to remember a beautiful grandmother who died tragically long before he was born.

If Middleton chooses ballet as part of George’s classes, he will wear “tights and black shoes,” and he will have a very special way to remember a beautiful grandmother who died tragically long before he was born.

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s choice of school for Prince George?

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