WWE News: Alberto Del Rio To Marry Paige One Week After Sex Video Leak

Just last week, the WWE was shaken up when a sex video leaked of WWE Raw performer Paige, which was only the beginning as more photos and videos hit the Internet of various WWE superstars. Some wondered what that could mean for the relationship between Paige and her fiance Alberto El Patron and that question was answered today. El Patron posted on Instagram that the two are getting married this Wednesday.

This comes as a huge surprise, and not really because of the Paige sex video leak. When El Patron proposed to Paige to begin with, he was still going through his divorce. As of late last year, Del Rio was still married and the two were involved in a bitter battle, mostly concerning their kids.

The news that Alberto El Patron and Paige are getting married this Wednesday makes it sound like the divorce has finally gone through. This is also surprising because they are moving their marriage up despite claims by Paige’s father that her family does not support the union.

The Paige sex video leak was also looking like it might effect the movie that the WWE and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is producing based on Paige’s life with her family and her breaking into the WWE. The WWE definitely wants the Paige sex video leak to fade from the public’s memory, but the movie will almost surely bring the topic back up if the WWE movie continues on.

It is also clear that there is still no love lost between Alberto El Patron and Paige and the WWE as a company. In the Instagram post, El Patron said that they were “harassed by a company” and that they still are, but they won’t destroy their relationship. He also accused the WWE of trying to destroy Paige, but they are stronger than all of them.

Alberto El Patron then slipped in some obscenities when describing the WWE and then he told them what they could do and called them haters.

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio To Marry Paige One Week After Sex Video Leak
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Alberto El Patron announced last week, the day after the Paige sex video leak, that he was skipping out on some professional wrestling appearances to be with Paige. There was concern expressed by the family of Paige about her well-being following the Paige sex video leak and El Patron said that being there for her was more important than the wrestling appearances.

It seems interesting to hear Alberto El Patron talking about harassment by the WWE. The word that came last week was that there would be no punishment by the WWE towards anyone involved in the leaked videos and images, which includes Xavier Woods of the New Day, Summer Rae, and Paige, as well as others who no longer work for the WWE.

The WWE even poked some fun at the entire situation on Monday Night Raw last week when they had New Day slyly ask if Xavier Woods had anything to say. However, New Day is one of the most popular acts in the WWE.

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio To Marry Paige One Week After Sex Video Leak
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Paige has been suspended twice by the WWE in the last year, both for failing the WWE wellness drug tests. Then, she had surgery on her neck against the wishes of the WWE and has been spending all her time with Alberto El Patron while suspended and recovering from her injuries.

There is also the problem that the Paige sex video leak included a sex video that had Paige using the WWE NXT Women’s Championship belt in a sex act and that probably bothers those within the WWE more than any other act in the videos since that was their brand and property.

It will be interesting to see what Paige does with her wrestling career in the WWE after her marriage to Alberto El Patron. In the past, El Patron said that Paige is under a long-term contract to the WWE, so there is little room to get out of it unless she fails another drug test.

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