'The Bachelor': Vanessa Grimaldi Dumping Nick Viall For Her Famous Ex-Boyfriend?

The Bachelor 2017 couple Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi may be headed for a split. Despite multiple reports claiming the couple are on the rocks, the reality TV stars say they are still together, and still getting to know each other. However, things may be worse than even the biggest skeptics believe.

According to Radar Online, Vanessa Grimaldi may be weighing her options when it comes to her love life. Although Vanessa says she and Nick are working on their relationship and still engaged, the special education teacher from Canada may be looking to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, actor Michael Rosenbaum.

The report reveals that Vanessa and Michael dated long distance for over a year and that she might still have lingering feelings for him. Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi first raised questions about their relationship on The Bachelor After The Final Rose aftershow following the Season 21 finale. Some fans believed they seemed a little uncomfortable and awkward with each other. Since that time, Viall and Grimaldi have revealed they are in no rush to get married, but some sources say that Vanessa is stalling her wedding to Nick because she may want to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend.

"There's no doubt she still has feelings for him," and insider said of Vanessa's past relationship with the actor. "There are whispers she plans to dump Nick and get back with Michael," the insider added.
In fact, the sources reveal that Vanessa Grimaldi and Michael Rosenbaum met up in L.A. over the summer, just before Vanessa began her run on The Bachelor and met current fiance, Nick Viall.

Many fans may remember Michael Rosenbaum from his work on television and in the movies. The actor has starred in films such as Sorority Boys, Urban Legend, Sweet November, Hit and Run, and Bringing Down The House, as well as in television shows like Smallville, Zoe, Duncan, Jack, and Jane, and Impostor.

In addition to the rumors that Vanessa Grimaldi may be considering dumping Nick Viall to rekindle her relationship with Michael Rosenbaum, other reports suggest that The Bachelor himself is also considering a split. Nick is allegedly getting fed up with Vanessa's recent behavior, and the couple could be headed for a break up in the very near future.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nick Viall is getting increasingly annoyed with Vanessa Grimaldi's lack of trust in him. Things are reportedly getting so bad, that Vanessa has even been popping into the Nick's Dancing With The Stars rehearsals unannounced just to see if he is really where he says he is.

"She's always jumping to conclusions that he's flirting with people on set or lying about being at rehearsals," a source told OK! Magazine.
The report claims that Vanessa believes that Nick still has a lot to prove to her before they can take their relationship to the next level, but Nick is getting tired of jumping through hoops for his fiance.
"In Vanessa's mind, Nick still has a lot to prove," an insider revealed. "There is a lack of trust between them that she just can't seem to get over. It's making her act crazy—almost like a different person."
In spite of all of the rumors, Vanessa Grimaldi has been standing by her man Nick Viall throughout the course of his Dancing With The Stars run. Although Nick's scores of been less than many expected out of The Bachelor, Vanessa is continously seen cheering him on from the audience.

What are your thoughts about The Bachelor couple Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi's alleged relationship drama? Do you think they'll make to the alter, or will they fizzle out like so many Bachelor couples before them?

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