Hollywood Reportedly Hates ‘CHiPs’ Stars Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard: Here’s Why

Some celebrities are known for their tendency to cross the line when it comes to sharing way too much information. But it’s not just TMI that allegedly has Hollywood disliking Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. The celebrity couple reportedly has caused others in the entertainment industry to feel infuriated by their fondness for spilling all the details in interviews, with Bell and Shepard informing the world about everything from naked directing to therapy in multiple stories.

In an industry where Kim Kardashian soared to fame by opening up her life, it’s not easy to be known for overdoing it when it comes to overexposure. But rumors are swirling that Kristen and Dax have succeeded in that dubious achievement, according to Page Six.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are reportedly annoying some because of their TMI in interviews.

Bell and Shepard have been appearing in the media more often these days as they hype their film CHiPs. And while it’s certainly not unusual for movie stars to head out for interviews in order to promote their films, entertainment industry insiders allegedly feel that the husband and wife are going way too far in precisely what they share in those interviews, reported the publication.

“[Hollywood is] gagging over endless oversharing in interviews, spilling [details about] his fearlessness about directing naked.”

From battles over furniture to searching Google for “murdering my husband” to giving up sugar, Kristen and Dax allegedly are dishing up every detail of their life to “any media outlet that will listen,” according to the publication.

But are these allegations really true?

When it comes to the bombshell about searching Google for how to kill her husband, Bell revealed the story in a recent interview, reported People.

Shepard has been married to the actress for more than three years, and the couple has two daughters. But apparently, that didn’t stop Dax from attempting to frame Kristen for murder, as she explained.

“My husband is a bit of a jokester and once searched on my phone, ‘How to get away with murdering my husband.’”

As for how Bell felt about the prank, she admitted that she wondered whether she might be in trouble if he happened to end up dead.

Kristen Bell revealed how Dax Shepard tried to frame her for murder.

When it comes to Shepard’s side of what some reportedly consider an example of the couple’s TMI habit, Dax told USA Today that he admits to typing the potentially incriminating evidence into his wife’s iPhone.

“Kristen and I watch a ton of Dateline,” explained Shepard. “And they always kind of bust the dude or the woman by going through their computer history and finding out that that they actually found out how to get away with murder.”

Consequently, Dax confessed that by searching “how to get away with killing my husband” on Kristen’s phone, he put it in her history.

In addition to the murder story, Shephard revealed that when he was directing Bell in CHiPs, they disagreed on the subject of her breasts, reported E! News.

Dax plays California Highway Patrol Officer Jon Baker in CHiPs, while Kristen portrays his trophy wife in the comedy movie. The film was adapted from the popular TV series.

CHiPs was filmed while Bell was breastfeeding the couple’s second child. She revealed that for a scene in which she wears a sexy swimsuit, she deliberately stopped pumping, and her breasts became larger.

“I was not micromanaging Kristen’s look in the movie,” emphasized Shepard.

“She had a whole idea of what kind of trophy wife Jon Baker would have…and so that included really big boobs and hair extensions.”

Bell revealed that when she flaunted her breasts, Dax urged her to zip up the bathing suit. But Kristen refused.

“I was like, ‘Honey, I get these one time. I want a lot of cleavage. I want this to look aggressive.’…it was the one disagreement we had on set,” added the actress.

And while Bell revealed her cleavage, Shepard revealed his entire body. He told the New York Times that on the second day of filming CHiPs, he handled a scene where Michael Pena carried him to the bathroom by initially wearing a robe between takes.

“I started the morning by putting a robe on between every take. I’d yell, ‘Cut,’ talk to the camera guys, then take the robe off,” recalled Dax. “An hour in, I stopped putting the robe on.”

As the writer, director, and star of CHiPs, however, Shepard was busy interacting with everyone. So he eventually stopped sporting the robe and directed without his clothes.

“I was nude for at least eight hours. I was talking to everyone. They seemed to get used to it.”

After the nude directing was over, however, Dax admitted that he realized what had happened.

“It wasn’t until later that I thought, ‘Wow,’” he added.

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